England Under the Reigns of Edward VI. and Mary: With the Contemporary History of Europe, Volume 1

Front Cover
Patrick Fraser Tytler
R. Bentley, 1839 - Great Britain

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Page 151 - I have heard in my time of many cast away, for want of coming to the presence of their prince ; and in late days I heard my Lord of Somerset say that if his brother had been suffered to speak with him he had never suffered...
Page 112 - Edward's own hand on torn and shabby scraps of paper, betraying both the scarcity of that article in the royal escritoire, and the stealthy manner in which they were penned. The first is a mysterious request for money, addressed to his uncle : " My lord, — Send me, per Latimer, as much as ye think good, and deliver it to Fowler. — EDWARD.
Page 205 - in most defensible array, with harness and weapons, to defend his most royal person, and his most entirely beloved uncle, the Lord Protector, against whom certain hath attempted a most dangerous conspiracy.
Page 423 - At the beginning the apostles left their fishing of fishes and became fishers of men, and now we who talk much of Christ and His Holy Word have, I fear me, used a much contrary way; for we leave fishing for men and fish again in the tempestuous seas of this world for gain and wicked mammon.
Page 17 - was sorrow more sweetly set forth, their faces seeming rather to beautify their sorrow than their sorrow to cloud the beauty of their faces.
Page 115 - If there be any way or policy of man to make the people receive, embrace and love God's word, it is only this — when they shall see that it bringeth forth so goodly fruit, that men seek not their own wealth, nor their private commodity, but, as good members, the universal wealth of the whole body.
Page 217 - A greater plague could not be sent unto this realm from God, being the next way to make us, of conquerors, slaves, and to induce upon us an universal calamity and thraldom, which we pray God so to hold his holy hand over us, as we may never see it. ' And for answer, this is to signify, that so long as we thought that the nobility presently assembled had conspired against the King's Majesty's person, so long we came forward, with such company as we have, for the surety of his Highness, as appertaineth....
Page 115 - Grace's sayings, that maugre the devil, private profit, self-love, money and such like the devil's instruments, it shall go forward, and set such a stay in the body of the commonwealth, that all the members shall live in due...
Page 242 - Henry's son was to think of it as a gloomy place: 'methinks I am in prison; here be no galleries, nor no gardens to walk in.
Page 18 - We intend the king's majesty shall be a-horseback to-morrow by xi of the clock, so that by iii we trust his grace shall be at the Tower. So, if ye have not already advertised my Lady Anne of Cleves of the king's death, it shall be well done ye send some express person for the game.

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