Miscellaneous Works in Verse and Prose of Mr. John Bancks [sic] ...

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James Hodges, 1739

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Page 89 - Tales the various manners and humours (as we now call them) of the whole English nation, in his age. Not a single character has escaped him. All his pilgrims are severally distinguished from each other; and not only in their inclinations, but in their very physiognomies and persons.
Page 114 - Pope's and thy corrective page, When vice and virtue lose their name In deathless joy or endless shame? While wears away the grand machine, The works of genius shall be seen : Beyond, what laurels can there be For Homer, Horace, Pope, or thee? Through life we chase, with fond pursuit, What mocks our hope, like Sodom's fruit : And, sure, thy plan was well...
Page 113 - YOUNG ? Will there no trace, no point be found Of all this fpacious glorious round ? Yon lamps of light, muft they decay ? • On nature's felf, deftruftion prey ? Then fame, the moft immortal thing Ev'n thou canft hope, is on the wing.
Page 338 - Prudes and such as never pray, Handsome, ugly, noisy, still, Some that will not, some that will. Many a beau without a shilling, Many a widow not unwilling; Many a bargain if you strike it: This is London! How d'ye like it?
Page 89 - He must have been a man of a most wonderful comprehensive nature, because, as it has been truly observed of him, he has taken into the compass of his Canterbury tales the various manners and humours (as we now call them) of the whole English nation, in his age.
Page 33 - GENIUS of Masonry descend, In mystic numbers while we sing; Enlarge our souls, the craft defend, And hither all thy influence bring, With social thoughts our bosoms fill, And give thy turn to every will.
Page 67 - Heylin notes, The ladies trip in petticoats ; Which, for the honour of their nation, They quit but on some great occasion. Men there in breeches clad you view : They claim that garment as their due. In Turkey the reverse appears ; Long coats the haughty husband wears, And greets his wife with angry speeches If she be seen without her breeches.
Page 39 - Egypt's fabrick * learning, dwelt, And Roman breafts could virtue hide: But vulcan's rage the building felt, And BRUTUS, laft of Romans, dy'd : Since when, difpers'd diejijlers rove, Or fill paternal thrones above.
Page 166 - OUNG Courtly takes me for a dunce ; For all night long I fpoke not once : On better grounds I think him fuch ! He fpoke but once, yet once too much.
Page 36 - Temple rofe by Rule, Without the Noife of noxious Tool. As when AMPHION tun'd his Song, Ev'n rugged Rocks the Mufick knew; Smooth'd into Form they glide along, And to a THEBES the Defert grew.