By Fell and Fjord: Or, Scenes and Studies in Iceland

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W. Blackwood and sons, 1882 - Iceland - 282 pages
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Page 225 - The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright— And this was odd, because it was The middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily, Because she thought the sun Had got no business to be there After the day was done— 'It's very rude of him,' she said, To come and spoil the fun!
Page 161 - Day-long they fared through the mountains, and that highway's fashioner Forsooth was a fearful craftsman, and his hands the waters were, And the heaped-up ice was his mattock, and the fireblast was his man, And never a whit he heeded though his walls were waste and wan, And the guest-halls of that wayside great heaps of the ashes spent. But, each as a man alone, through the sun-bright day they went, And they rode till the moon rose upward, and the stars were small and fair, Then they slept on the...
Page 283 - He has the gift, not common in this country, of the esprit Gaulois; he aims his strokes at follies and abuses without any semblance of effort. His wit is at once keen and light-hearted Not only, however, are Mr Oliphant's stories new and delightful, but the turn of thought which they suggest, and which he follows up without, in the least riding it to death, is specially unexpected and humorous."— Saturday Review.
Page 284 - In short, this is one of the best books of the kind that we have seen."— Spectator.
Page 47 - Wherefore uprose a sea-king, and his hands that loved the oar Now dealt with the rippling harp-gold, and he sang of the shaping of earth, And how the stars were lighted, and where the winds had birth, And the gleam of the first of summers on the yet untrodden grass.
Page 267 - And they rode till the noon was forgotten and the sun was waxen low, And they tarried not, though he perished, and the world grew dark below. Then they rode a mighty desert, a glimmering place and wide, And into a narrow pass high-walled on either side By the blackness of the mountains, and barred aback and in face By the empty night of the shadow ; a windless silent place...
Page 41 - ... which all those peculiar excellencies and well-marked qualities with which we are familiar in their full development by Snorri and Sturla may be found, qualities which are totally distinct from those which characterise the local Sagas or the unique style which marks out a Niala as a thing apart. The true father of Icelandic letters, as well as the first prose writer and the first historian...
Page 15 - ... where a subsistence is to be picked up ; they even run loose in unkempt groups in the very streets of the capital. One of Miss Oswald's first expeditions from Reykjavik was to inspect a herd of them gathered for exportation by the steamer which had landed her : "A splendid sunset lighted the Faxafjord and surrounding hills, and the brown stony waste over which we cantered, chasing and driving the ponies, who, with their tumbling hog-manes and wild heads, neighing, kicking, and scouring here and...

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