Higher Sanskrit grammar or gender and syntax

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Page 227 - Participles govern the same cases as the Verbs from which they are derived. 230 VKRBAL DERIVATIVES. (e) In the Locative Absolute, these Participles often denote continnons action: "<fat irefil 1źfl<fY" (= while a Panrava is ruling the earth), Sa.
Page 67 - EVERY sentence must contain two parts, a subject and a predicate. The subject is that of which something is stated. The predicate is that which is stated of the subject. Thus in the sentence Aapeţoš ▀acrikevei, Darius is king, Aapeţoš is the subject and /Зао-tXe˙et is the predicate.
Page 67 - SYNTAX. CHAP. iv. PRELIMINARY. 104. Syntax teaches the use of grammatical forms and their arrangement and relationship in sentences. 105. A sentence is either simple or compound. A simple sentence consists of a single subject and a single predicate : "ч*г* ч?тд
Page 88 - JnfT fimw?^:'. f^^amw', iarf% aifsf... nziPr n", U. in. s. 145. "When the relative has for its predicate a substantive of different gender form the antecedent, the relative usually agrees in gender with the predicate : This is the mine of light whom (lit. which) the wise call resplendent luster, Vi. iv. 13. I ^r:" But what is mother's "dower is the share of girls, M.
Page 140 - The genitive is used to denote the whole of which a part is taken : Omnium hominum validissimus, strongest of all men ; Nihil auxili, no (lit.
Page 87 - H", M. viii. 88. mi ^V %cwr5i?ri r if, Chanakya. 96. Obs. : Compare Latin "triste (n.) lupus (m.) stalttlis", Virgil. BKCT. HI. THE RELATIVE AND ITS ANTECEDENT. 3 44. The relative agrees with its antecedent in gender, number, and person: (i) If the case is the same, it generally stands before the English antecedent: "sffSTf ?T*3T *J3TT**Jt Ij ^ho with two arms, Vi.
Page 6 - Hence, we must say but aifarß fj^f qiTffff' and so on. 2. The second point to be noted is the sense of the word. Hence, if a word has more than one sense, it may come under more than one rule and may have more than one gender. For instance, 4$ m the sense of 'sun
Page 195 - As they do not exactly correspond with the Tenses and Moods of other languages, it would be best to consider their uses independently. 320. The subjoined table exhibits their general relation to the Principal Moods and Tenses. It should...

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