Practical Health

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Metaphysical Publishing Company, 1907 - Mental healing - 316 pages
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Page 82 - ... the helpful forces which must be drawn upon from that source. Instead of doing this, as some suppose, by creating sympathy, worry exercises a directly contrary influence by self-communication to other minds. " It is now a thoroughly established scientific fact...
Page 317 - Disease,' in which the effect of the mind upon the body is illustrated by familiar examples. There is a constant temptation to quote, in turning over the pages of the volume, but we must leave interested readers to enjoy the work as a whole. Meanwhile, we commend it as the most valuable contribution to the literature of mental healing yet given to the public ; dignified in tone, clear and definite in statement, and logical in its conclusions.
Page 317 - This work has been repeatedly placed by critics at the head of the line of mental and metaphysical literature, as containing the only scientific exposition of the actual facts of the new healing movement. It is the result of twenty years of constant study, research and practical demonstration, and it is authoritative in its explanations.
Page 197 - Speak the word, only, and my servant shall be healed," and we are told that "his servant was healed in the selfsame hour.
Page 107 - As there are many roads that lead to Rome, so there are many modes, or methods, or characteristics, or peculiarities that gain favor in the eyes of the public. For me and you, the question is which of those I have outlined, — and the number of which every one of my readers could increase, — is the one we should select in our endeavor to be successful in our
Page 167 - ... reproducer of whatever the mind places before it or within its channels of action, whether right or wrong. It is as spontaneously reproductive of harmony as of discord; of strength as of weakness; of health as of sickness ; of life as of death. It has no choice in the matter for all of intelligence is contained within the mind. The mind itself, in its higher and more intelligent features, is vastly more...
Page 199 - It has enabled vast numbers to pass unscathed through the most violent epidemics of disease, in all of which more die because of fear than from any direct attack of the disease itself. It has also proved to be of priceless value in encounters with other of the trials of life. Its positive activity overrules the negative character of disease; and, when thoroughly analyzed, disease always shows a negative character. Confidence, therefore, it will be readily seen, is one of the most powerful of remedies...
Page 73 - This, then, is our greatest and best safeguard — to think truth until error cannot come in ; to realize wholeness until nothing that is separate can seem real ; to embody health in our thoughts until the spectre, disease, can have no possible embodiment. Then health for both body and mind must prevail, and the wholeness of the spirit will become apparent in a full consciousness of life. This desirable state of mind is possible to all through suitable discipline of the thought- faculties.
Page 169 - The mighty throbbings of that life which pervades and animates the vast whole will impart trust to the individual soul. For the one who realizes this fact of the eternal life of which we are all partakers, disease can have no terrors. It is a delusion of the mind abiding in the partial and unstable conditions. Nevertheless "the foundation of God standeth sure.

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