Pugh's Queensland Almanac, Law Calendar, Directory, and Coast Guide

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Thorne and Greenwell, 1882 - Queensland

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Page 166 - ... the quantity of any material sent ostensibly as a pattern or sample is so great that it could fairly be considered as having on this ground an intrinsic value.
Page 7 - Credit on demand, or bills at three or thirty days' sight upon its branches, at the customary rates, on the money being deposited. Similar Letters of Credit may be procured from its Agents in all the principal towns throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Bank also negotiates, and sends for collection, bills on the Colonies, the terms for which may be obtained on application at its London Office.
Page 89 - Lord Justice JAMES, and Lord Justice MELLISH condemned their proceedings, and ordered them to pay all costs of the Suits. — Reported in the Times t April 29th and July 24th, 1873.
Page 149 - Commissioners of Stamps, and pay •what shall be wanting to make up the duty which ought to have been paid at first on such probate or letters of administration, he or she shall forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, and also a further sum at and after the rate of ten pounds per centum on the amount of the sum wanting to make up the proper duty.
Page 7 - The National Bank of Scotland. The Commercial Bank of Scotland. The Union Bank of Scotland. The City of Glasgow Bank.
Page 89 - Dear Sir, — It is with much pleasure that I am able to state that your Chlorodyne has been of special service to me in alleviating the wearisome spasms of Asthma, which is here existent in an aggravated form : many of my patients now come and beg me to give them that medicine which always relieves them, and which I need hardly say is your Chlorodyne.— Yours faithfully. CHARLES W. OWEN, LRCP Lond., MRCS Eng., the Divisional Head-Quarter Staff and CiftI Surgeon, Cabul.
Page 166 - Words or Communication printed on the Paper after its Publication, or upon the Cover thereof, nor any Writing or Marks upon it or upon the Cover of it, except the Name and Address of the Person to whom sent...
Page 89 - It acts life a charm in Diarrhoea, and is the only known Specific in Cholera, and Dysentery. It effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation, Convulsions and Spasms. It is the only Palliative in Rheumatism, Gout, Cancer, Toothache, Meningitis, &c.
Page 167 - The object of the postal card is to facilitate letter correspondence and provide for the transmission through the mails, at a reduced rate of postage, of short communications, either printed or written in pencil or ink. They may, therefore, be used for orders, invitations, notices, receipts, acknowledgments, price-lists, and other requirements of business and social life; and the matter desired to be conveyed may be either in writing or in print, or partially in both.
Page 166 - ... any report. article, or paragraph therein ; the printed title of such newspaper, the printed names, occupations, and places of business of the printer, publisher, and vendor thereof, the name, occupation, and address of the person to whom it Is sent, and...

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