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User Review  - gypsysmom - LibraryThing

At long last I have read this book. This is the story of a group of Americans who reach adulthood just as the First World War is in full swing. Maugham gives himself the role of narrator of the story ... Read full review

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User Review  - wealhtheowwylfing - LibraryThing

When I first read this, I was too overwhelmed to try to sum up my feelings about it with just a bit of text. (Plus, I wasn't on Goodreads at the time.) There is still no earthly way that I can convey ... Read full review

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User Review  - dbsovereign - LibraryThing

"The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard." —Katha-Upanishad. Maugham seems to imply that if you chose enlightenment over materialism, you ... Read full review

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User Review  - BayardUS - LibraryThing

Is there a trope in Eastern literature where an unhappy young man journeys to the West and learns things from a priest, or monk, or some such person, how to be at peace with life? And maybe some mystic powers that impress everyone back home in the bargain? Just curious. Read full review

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User Review  - vdunn - LibraryThing

Somerset Maugham masterfully dissects and exposes human nature at its best and at its worst. Bill Murray did a wonderful job in his version of this movie, and his version was truer to the novel. I'd highly recommend both the book and the movie. Read full review

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User Review  - tercat - LibraryThing

My opinion of the book fluctuated as I read. The author inserts himself as a character, and sometimes that makes the narrative flow awkward. You end up with passages where he's writing things like ... Read full review

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User Review  - Sandydog1 - LibraryThing

Entertaining "Lost Generation" soap opera. It is touted as a "true story" (Maugham serves as a central character/narrator) where everyone gets what they want in life, and there are happy endings for ... Read full review

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User Review  - Pondlife - LibraryThing

I found this book rather slow going, and didn't really feel much connection with any of the characters. So at the end I didn't really care what happened to them very much. The central character seems ... Read full review

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It is difficult to understand that such an author gave so much to me in one book that would attract me to try and understand his way of thinking and through this entice me on to my own enlightenment.

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User Review  - DianaLynn5287 - LibraryThing

I was bored throughout. Took me a little bit of effort to finish this classic. Didn't care for it as much...maybe a second read through? Read full review

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