Helpful Hackers: how the dutch do responsible disclosure

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Vior Webmedia, Feb 16, 2016 - Computers
‘Hospital leaks patient records’, ‘Public transport smartcard has more holes than a sieve’, ‘Mobile banking app unsafe’ – it seems that everything can be hacked these days. Fortunately, the person who discovers a flaw is not necessarily a cybercriminal but is often someone who wants to help improve cyber security. He or she immediately contacts the system owner so that the problem can be solved. A well-coordinated approach allows everyone to learn from the exercise we call ‘responsible disclosure’. The Netherlands is a world leader in responsible disclosure. The Dutch like to resolve conflicts through a process of general consultation: the famous ‘polder model’. This seems a particularly appropriate approach in the realm of IT and cyber security, since there is no central authority with overall responsibility but many diverse players, each responsible for their own tiny part of a vast and complex system. In this book, we hear from the hackers, system owners, IT specialists, managers, journalists, politicians and lawyers who have been key players in a number of prominent disclosures. Their stories offer a glimpse into the mysterious world of cyber security, revealing how hackers can help us all. Chris van ’t Hof is an internet researcher and presenter with a background in sociology and electrical engineering. This is his eighth book. While a researcher at the Rathenau Institute, he authored a number of titles including Check in / Check out: the Public Space as an Internet of Things and RFID and Identity Management in Everyday Life. With his company Tek Tok, he now organizes various information technology events. Chris van ’t Hof also has his own talkshow, Tek Tok Late Night.

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Radboud opens the gates
Leaking like a sieve
brenno and the superhits
DongIT and the DigiD debacle
okoeroo and the Veere pumps
Then were all going to get
The hash of Dismantling Megamos
Time for policy
The other side of the Groene Hart
Bonnie the hacking supposed housewife
Free books for iliaselmatani
1sand0s and the ethics committee
rickgeex gets there eventually
Beg and the Bug Bounties

UID_ calls the navy
a man in the middle
legosteentje earns a white
jmschroder calls the Habbo helpdesk
Hacker Krol gets too much out of the closet
Verdier and the crisis team
bl4sty and the ten million modems
0xDUDE the biggest dude of em
Going Global
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