Munsey's Magazine for ..., Volume 13

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Frank A. Munsey & Company, 1895 - American periodicals
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Page 401 - that the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.
Page 226 - And there's a nice youngster of excellent pith: Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith; But he shouted a song for the brave and the free — Just read on his medal, "My country,
Page 250 - The self-same moment I could pray; And from my neck so free The Albatross fell off, and sank Like lead into the sea. PART V Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole ! To Mary Queen the praise be given! She sent the gentle sleep from Heaven, That slid into my soul.
Page 205 - Two shall be born the whole wide world apart. And speak in different tongues, and have no thought Each of the other's being, and no heed; And these o'er unknown seas to unknown lands Shall cross, escaping wreck, defying death; And. all unconsciously, shape every act And bend each wandering step to this one end — That, one day, out of darkness, they shall meet And read life's meaning in each other's eyes.
Page 434 - Our first and fundamental maxim should be, never to entangle ourselves in the broils of Europe. Our second, never to suffer Europe to intermeddle with cisAtlantic affairs.
Page 278 - If difficulties arise in the execution of any one of the Articles of the present Convention, the interpretation of it shall be made in favour of the French army and of the city of Paris.
Page 99 - Please, sir, he's weeding the garden," replied a small voice. " To be sure," said Squeers, by no means disconcerted. " So he is. Bot, bot, tin, tin, bottin, ney, ney, bottinney, noun substantive, a knowledge of plants.
Page 131 - Not in perfection dwells the subtler power To pierce our mean content, but rather works Through incompletion, and the need that irks, — Not in the flower, but effort toward the flower. When the want stirs, when the soul's cravings urge, The strong earth strengthens, and the clean heavens purge.
Page 132 - ... rocking roosts in pines wind-torn; A line of grey snake-fence, that zigzags by A pond and cattle; from the homestead nigh The long deep summonings of the supper horn. Black on the ridge, against that lonely flush, A cart, and stoop-necked oxen; ranged beside, Some barrels; and the day-worn harvest-folk, Here, emptying their baskets, jar the hush With hollow thunders. Down the dusk hillside Lumbers the wain; and day fades out like smoke.
Page 484 - Friedrichstrasse, without looking up at the windows that used to be ornamented by a pair of red slippers sustained on the wall by the feet of a gentleman sitting in the Yankee way, his head below and out of sight. I then gratify my memory with remembrance of " good old colony times when we were roguish chaps.

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