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Benn Brothers Limited, 1891 - Commerce
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Page 600 - ... imposes duties or other exactions upon the agricultural or other products of the United States, which in view of the free introdnction of such sugar, molasses, coffee, tea, and hides into the United States he may deem to be reciprocally unequal and unreasonable, he shall have the power and it shall be his duty...
Page 589 - No lower rate or amount of duty shall be levied, collected, and paid on brandy, spirits, and other spirituous beverages, than that fixed by law for the description of first proof; but it shall be increased in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of first proof...
Page 589 - Each and every gauge or wine gallon of measurement shall be counted as at least one proof gallon ; and the standard for determining the proof of brandy and other spirits or liquors of any kind imported shall be the same as that which is defined in the laws relating to internal revenue...
Page 594 - On women's and children's dress goods, coat linings, Italian cloth, bunting, and goods of similar description or character composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, the hair of Jhe camel, goat, alpaca or other animals, and not specially provided for in this act, the duty shall be twelve cents per square yard, and in addition thereto fifty per centum ad valorem...
Page 487 - Spirits or strong waters, not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Page 592 - ... such as have been heretofore usually imported into the United States from Buenos Ayres, New Zealand, Australia, Cape of Good Hope, Russia, Great Britain. Canada and elsewhere, and also including all wools not hereinafter described or designated in classes two and three.
Page 598 - Books, maps, and charts specially imported, not more than two copies in any one invoice, in good faith, for the use of any society incorporated or established for philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States.
Page 470 - Spiritous or alcoholic liquors, distilled from any material, or containing or compounded from or with distilled spirits of any kind, and any mixture thereof with water, for every gallon thereof of the strength of proof, and when of a greater strength than that of proof, at the same rate on the increased quantity that there would be if the liquors were reduced to the strength of proof. When the liquors are of...
Page 102 - The number of persons for which buoyant apparatus is certified shall be the number, (i) ascertained by dividing the number of pounds of iron which it is capable of supporting in fresh water by 32...
Page 593 - Unwashed wools shall be considered such as shall have been shorn from the sheep without any cleansing; that is, in their natural condition. Washed wools shall be considered such as have been washed with water only on the sheep's back, or on the skin.

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