The Institution and Proceedings of the Society of the Cincinnati: Formed by the Officers of the United States, at the Cantonment on the Banks of Hudson's River, May 10, 1783: with the Proceedings of the Massachusetts State Society of the Cincinnati, from Its Organization, June 9, 1783, to July 4, 1811

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T.B. Wait and Company, 1812 - United States - 112 pages
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Page 5 - To perpetuate, therefore, as well the remembrance of this vast event, as the mutual friendships which have been formed, under the pressure of common danger, and in many instances cemented by the blood of the parties...
Page 10 - Society in particular, may render himself unworthy to continue a member. In order to form funds which may be respectable, and assist the unfortunate, each officer shall deliver to the treasurer of the State Society one month's pay, which shall remain forever to the use of the State Society ; the interest only of which, if necessary, to be appropriated to the relief of the unfortunate.
Page 14 - The Society shall have an ORDER by which its Members shall be known and distinguished, which shall be a Medal of Gold, of a proper Size to receive the Emblems, and suspended by a deep blue Ribbon, two Inches wide, edged with White, descriptive of the Union of America and France...
Page 5 - It having pleased the Supreme Governor of the Universe, in the disposition of human affairs, to cause the separation of the Colonies of North America from the domination of Great Britain, and after a bloody conflict of eight years, to establish them Free, Independent, and Sovereign States, connected by alliances, founded on reciprocal advantages, with some of the greatest princes and powers of the earth.
Page 12 - All the officers of the American Army as well those who have resigned with honor after three Years service, in the capacity of officers, or who have been deranged by the resolutions of Congress, upon the several reforms of the Army, as those wh[o sh]all have continued to the end of the war, have the right to become parties to this institution, Provided that they subscribe one...
Page 21 - June, 1783. At a meeting of the general officers, and the gentlemen delegated by the respective regiments, as a convention for establishing the society of the Cincinnati, held by the request of the president, at which were present, Major-general Baron de Steuben, president. Major-general Howe, Major-general Knox, Brigadier-general Patterson, Brigadier-general Hand> Brigadier-general Huntington, Brigadier-general Putnam, Colonel Webb, Lieutenant-colonel Huntington, Major Pettengill, Lieutenant Whiting,...
Page 7 - ... among the officers : This spirit will dictate brotherly kindness in all things, and particularly extend to the most substantial acts of beneficence, according to the ability of the society, towards those officers and their families who unfortunately may be under the necessity of receiving it. The general society will, for the sake of frequent communications, be divided into state societies, and these again into such districts as shall be directed by the state society.
Page 15 - CINCINNATUS: Three Senators presenting him with a sword and other military ensigns — on a field in the background, his wife standing at the door of their Cottage — near it A plough an'd instruments of husbandry. Round the whole, OMNIA RELIQUIT SERVARE REMPUBLICAM.
Page 19 - That the members of the several State Societies assemble as soon as may be, for the choice of their President and other officers ; and that the Presidents correspond together, and appoint a meeting of the officers who may be chosen for each State, in order to pursue such further measures as may be judged necessary. That the General Officers, and the officers delegated to represent the several corps of the army, subscribe to the Institution of the General Society, for themselves and their constituents,...
Page 23 - M'DOUGALL was elected Treasurer-General, and Major-General KNOX, Secretary-General, who are hereby requested to accept said appointments. Resolved, That all the proceedings of this Convention, including the Institution of the Society, be recorded (from the original papers in his possession) by captain SHAW, who at the first meeting was requested to act as Secretary, and that the same, signed by the...

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