Chronicles of the Picts, Chronicles of the Scots: And Other Early Memorials of Scottish History

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H. M. General Register House, 1867 - Picts - 499 pages
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Page clvii - For performing this with the more ease and greater authority, he sought assistance from the English, whom he knew to have long since formed their religion after the example of the holy Roman Apostolic Church. Accordingly he sent messengers to the venerable...
Page clv - Scot" torum, et omnium Pictorum monasteriis non parvo " tempore arcem tenebat, regendisque eorum populis
Page 164 - Pictorumque greges, moribus ex parte dissidentes, sed una eademque sanguinis fundendi aviditate Concordes, furciferosque magis vultus pilis, quam corporum pudenda, pudendisque proxima, vestibus...
Page lix - England, commanding them to search their chronicles and archives for all matters relating to Scotland, and to transmit the same to the king under their common seals. The returns made to these writs, which are still extant, contain numerous extracts and fragments of chronicles, which are printed by Sir Francis Palgrave in his
Page lxxviii - The fourth summer3 was spent in securing the country which had been overrun; and if the valour of the army and the glory of the Roman name had permitted it, our conquests would have found a limit within Britain itself. For the tides of the opposite seas, flowing very far up the estuaries of Clota and...
Page 103 - A king, the best who possessed Alban ; He was a king of kings fortunate. He was the vigilant crusher of enemies. No woman bore or will bring forth in the East A king whose rule will be greater over Alban ; And there shall not be born for ever One who had more fortune and greatness.
Page 12 - Mailcunus magnus rex apud Brittones regnabat, id est, in regione Guenedotae, quia atavus illius, id est, Cunedag, cum filiis suis, quorum numerus octo erat, venerat prius de parte sinistrali, id est, de regione quae vocatur Manan Guotodin, centum quadraginta sex annis antequam Mailcun regnaret, et Scottos cum ingentissima clade expulerunt ab istis regionibus, et nusquam reversi sunt iterum ad habitandum.
Page 406 - Cath bhuaidh from that day to this. And this is a befitting name for it ; for they have often gained victory in battle . by it, as they did at that time, when they placed their hope in Columkille.
Page clxxxviii - year of his reign he encountered the Picts seven " times in one day, and having destroyed many, " he confirmed his kingdom, and reigned twenty
Page 12 - Edguini erant et cum ipso corruerunt in bello Meicen, et de origine illius nunquam iteratum est regnum quia non evasit unus de genere illius de isto bello sed interfecti omnes sunt cum illo ab exercitu Catguollauni regis Guendote regionis.

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