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This is a great book for any artist who needs more practice in capturing proper shading in facial features and pretty much everything else, from as many different angles as possible. He introduces all of the 4 basic shapes that nature is composed of, and teaches you to start a still life consisting of cubic, cylindrical, conal, or spherical skeletal structures and build from there. Drawing a model isn't one straight process, it's several. He teaches his students to appreciate the little things that make a big difference in visual art.
I've noticed a few not so positive reviews of this book, and I think it's because people aren't seeing the results they want to see and think it's the book's fault. Drawing is not a logical skill like learning a language, it is something that requires a mixture of good motor skills and acute observation and feeling. Reading a book will not make you a better artist, but applying De Rayna's techniques will certainly make you a better one over time.
...There's a reason why this book is still being published over 40 years later!

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