The history of Egypt: from the earliest accounts of that country, till the expulsion of the French from Alexandria, in the year 1801, Volume 2

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A. Constable & co., 1805 - Egypt

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Page 10 - In Cor. Gallus we see an instance of that inveterate rage which friendship converted into enmity seldom fails to produce. Embittered friendship feels deeper rancour than that which is engendered by the common offences of life. The high attachment which the Egyptian prefect felt for Augustus sunk into hatred and deep resentment. In the day of his disgrace every favour was forgotten, and he spoke with disrespect of his former friend Caesar Augustus.
Page 7 - Augustas ; and being only of equestrian rank, he was not precluded from an office in Egypt. As a further guard against the contingencies of ambition, Egypt was- governed in a different manner from the other provinces intrusted to Augustus. Whereas they were under the immediate direction of propraetors, who possessed militarT rank, and were accountable only to Cxsar, the governor of Egypt was but a prefect.
Page 11 - Cleopatra,^nd suffered the disgrace which licentiousness deserves, and which, in the wisdom of providence, it generally receives. We are told that Virgil wrote an eulogium upon Gallus, and subjoined it to his Georgics ; but, afraid of giving offence to Caesar, whom his friend had justly offended, he expunged the beautiful effusions of affection, and added the delightful episode of Euridyce and Ar-- Uus.
Page 279 - Dammazedi was himself a wise judge, and a collection of his rulings survives, the Dammazedi pyatton. He died at the age of eighty and was succeeded by his son. Binnyaran 1492-1526 was revered for his gentleness (p.
Page 11 - ... Virgil ; and to him that poet addressed his tenth eclogue,, in relation to the tender attachment which Gallus cherished for the unworthy Lycoris. That false and ungrateful lady forsook the fond endearments of Gallus, and followed Antony to the camp; but there she was superseded in his affections by...
Page 7 - The peculiarity of the government of thit country while a Roman province has often been noticed, and is thus stated in these volumes : ' Lest the Egyptians should aspire to independence,- or some artful Roman declare himself their leader, no intercourse was goffered t exist between the noblemen of Rome and those of Egypt.
Page 341 - The garrrison were allowed to march out with the honours of war ; but a sum of money was paid for their freedom.
Page 47 - ... must arise from this cause. The Schleswing and Holstein war is at a stand, and negotiations for a settlement, under mediation, are attempted. Amongst the recent deaths we find the following : — Berzelius, the celebrated chemist, after fifty 434 Critical Notices. 435 years' application to science, died in the 69th year of his age.
Page 81 - Upon the death of Constantine, the empire was divided between his two sons, Constans and Constantius.
Page 10 - ... passed that he should be banished from the territories of Rome. But he refused to survive the sentence, and, by a voluntary death, defied the punishment.

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