Clockwork Muse

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Basic Books, 6 nov 1990 - 411 pagine
What determines the evolution of styles in poetry, painting, music, and architecture? Are there universal laws of art history to which even Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Picasso were subject? In this highly original and provocative book, cognitive psychologist Colin Martindale challenges conventional theories that seek to explain changes in the arts as the result of political, religious, or social forces. "Social forces do not cause change in art; they distort it," he writes. Martindale argues that it is the pressure for novelty that shapes individual artistic careers and trends, whether in literature, music, or the visual arts....Through the use of computer models and experimental simulations, Martindale explores the psychological factors involved in producing novel responses and he traces the stylistic changes that derive from this need for novelty.--Book jacket.

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A Scientific Approach to Art and Literature
A Psychological Theory of Aesthetic Evolution

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