C in a Nutshell

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"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", Dec 16, 2005 - Computers - 622 pages

Learning a language--any language--involves a process wherein you learn to rely less and less on instruction and more increasingly on the aspects of the language you've mastered. Whether you're learning French, Java, or C, at some point you'll set aside the tutorial and attempt to converse on your own. It's not necessary to know every subtle facet of French in order to speak it well, especially if there's a good dictionary available. Likewise, C programmers don't need to memorize every detail of C in order to write good programs. What they need instead is a reliable, comprehensive reference that they can keep nearby. C in a Nutshell is that reference.

This long-awaited book is a complete reference to the C programming language and C runtime library. Its purpose is to serve as a convenient, reliable companion in your day-to-day work as a C programmer. C in a Nutshell covers virtually everything you need to program in C, describing all the elements of the language and illustrating their use with numerous examples.

The book is divided into three distinct parts. The first part is a fast-paced description, reminiscent of the classic Kernighan & Ritchie text on which many C programmers cut their teeth. It focuses specifically on the C language and preprocessor directives, including extensions introduced to the ANSI standard in 1999. These topics and others are covered:

  • Numeric constants
  • Implicit and explicit type conversions
  • Expressions and operators
  • Functions
  • Fixed-length and variable-length arrays
  • Pointers
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Input and output

The second part of the book is a comprehensive reference to the C runtime library; it includes an overview of the contents of the standard headers and a description of each standard library function. Part III provides the necessary knowledge of the C programmer's basic tools: the compiler, the make utility, and the debugger. The tools described here are those in the GNU software collection.

C in a Nutshell is the perfect companion to K&R, and destined to be the most reached-for reference on your desk.


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User Review  - josh314 - LibraryThing

This is a great reference, but not an introductory text. It will not hold your hand at all, and assumes some maturity as a programmer. Even though it does define and introduce all (I believe) aspects ... Read full review

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Excelente livro para consulta rápida das bibliotecas do C.


This is the Title of the Book eMatter Edition
PartI Language
Types 20
Literals 32
Type Conversions 40
Expressions and Operators 55
Statements 83
Functions 96
Dynamic Memory Management 167
Input and Output 182
Preprocessing Directives 209
The Standard Headers 227
Functions at a Glance 252
Standard Library Functions 271
PartIII Basic Tools
Using make to Build C Programs 512

Arrays 111
Pointers 122
Structures Unionsand BitFields 139
Declarations 153
Debugging C Programs with GDB 545
Index 577

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