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This book definately had my attention... I met Dennis, when I was about 6 yrs. old. I don't know him personally, but this meeting took place 40 years ago. I highly doubt, he would remember me. But, through the years, I have followed his career, just to see, where I might find him... It's like he's an old friend, someone you could never forget, an impressionable man. I have seen him, through the years... But I always shy away, to say hello. We have friends, in common. But I know that someday I'll have the guts and finally say something. So... reviewing this book, is close enough, for me, right now. Just a few things, I noticed wrong... On pg 62, you miss-spelled Francis Fairbanks, it's supposed to be Frances Fairbanks, a women's name. On pg 71, photo of John F.L.D. look closely on left of photo, an indian's face looks carved in the stone. On pg 81, Russell Means, Sioux... it should say what band of sioux. On pg 87, It says Vernon and Clyde are Lakotas... As I White Earth enrollee, I know that's wrong. And I am also part Oglala Lakota, my dad is from the little town of Oglala. Very Sincerely, Natalie One Feather I can be reached by e-mail... 

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