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Olivia is a plucky piglet with the energy of a whole barnyard. She never does anything is a small way, whether it's building a sandcastle, singing from her 40 Very Loud Songs book, redecorating the living room walls or trying on all her clothes when it's time to get dressed. She wears her mother out --- but her mother still loves her all the same. You don't want to miss meeting this memorable new character. Read full review


Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Even before her story begins, readers are following Olivia as she leaves a trail of clothes that she has eschewed in favor of the outfit du jour for her auspicious entrance on the title page. Rarely have readers seen a pig with such joie de vivre and panache. The brief, declarative text is an unadorned introduction to a character who will gain instant recognition and quickly be taken to heart. The ... Read full review

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Olivia is like any other child; curious, caring, imaginative and full of energy. The mostly black and white illustrations and splashes of color are brilliant and captured my attention - making me pause and enjoy each page.
Fun read aloud series. Activities and discussion with students; how does Olivia look at things (art, music, dance, life)? Describer her character and have student back up their definitions with examples from the story and/or text to self. Olivia is full of energy and she has a can-do attitude. Is she stubborn or determined, what is the difference?

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A great story for young readers. Simple, yet stimulating illustrations captivating readers throughout the pages. Great story for inspiring masterpieces.

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Great children's book! Fun characters with lots of charm.

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