The Women of Afghanistan Under the Taliban

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McFarland, Jun 6, 2014 - Social Science - 200 pages
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Even though the people of Afghanistan in general suffered under the rule of the Taliban, women lived especially difficult lives, enduring terrible hardships. They were denied basic human rights, forced to wear veils and kept in seclusion. This work addresses the religion, revolution, and national identity of Afghan women and places them within their gender-political and religious-political roles, thus elevating our understanding of their abuse, imprisonment and murder, and offering a basis for their rehabilitation. Powerful and moving interviews with Afghan women conducted and translated by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan are presented and a brief history of the struggle of the Afghan women and an overview of the conflict between the Afghans and the Taliban are included.

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Ma english is nt wel bt stil m tryn 2 tel u smthn abt ur bk.u jst observ negtive points of taliban i knw da fact n i cn tel evrythng bcoz im a afghani pathan girl.taliban rules were strick bt dy protect us.dy gv us respect.dre rules wre benificen 4 us.v fl scure in dre man can stared at us bt nw aftr talibn v r felin un scure.evrytime v fel a fear abt ur bldy bstrd forces.u all r our enemy u wana destroy us bt remembr dt time is not far whn u realize da reality.talibans r not terorist dy r simbol of peace.humanity!. . . .dy only fi8 wd thos peple wh against rule of ALLAH & PROPHET MUHAMMAD(S.A.W).n also enemy of muslims.n evry persn hv rit to f8 4 hs relign 4 hs people.simply exampe of u CRUCEEDE WAR! 

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Prisca Zodulua
Mrs. George
Eng 111
March 17, 2008
Women And Human’s Rights
Women, the mother of a family has become the enemy of their own partner. As a future woman, I am curious of what is going on actually about women around the world. As Tonya Bolden states in her book 33 things every girl should know about women history.2002. “I happily admit that I learned more than a thing or two in the process: something I’d never know and other things, once fuzzy, are now crystal-clear.”(8). I have learned also that there were women who fought in America so that girls may have access to every kind of activities today. By the time the man were fighting for organization of the new nation after the declaration of the independence, those women came up with a declaration of women’s rights which was called the declaration of sentiments. The purpose of this was to recall all men that there were all created equal by their creator since the beginning of the world. They needed to be considered in the society and live freely in the society as men do. After a long battle, marches on the street, knowing that they no consideration in front of men, their declaration was accepted. That is the reason why we girls of today we have access to many kind of activities and as girls leaving in America, we got to know those things to help us get better and fight for our own rights. (8-22). we may thing that the war against women ended after the declaration of sentiment was approved, but in Afghanistan, Thailand, and Kenya the war against women is the middle of his battle. This let me interrogate myself what kind o slavery those country are using against women? What had already been made to stop those who are persecuting women? Is it an arrangement between them or they are just force to do so? Are they willing to stop being persecuted or they just want to continue on?
Afghanistan fights against women. Women living in Afghanistan had no hope of becoming a grand personality in the future. This story began 0n September 27 1996 when the Taliban took over Afghanistan because there was government at that time; they also declare themselves as the legitimate government of the country. Skaine Rosemarie states in her book the women of Afghanistan under the Taliban. 2002 that the Taliban reduced the rights of women and denied their rights as human up till now people in Afghanistan are not sure if Taliban are really afghan or Islamic. (35). they misinterpret the Koran in their own knowledge and made them struggle because they represent nothing. If the Taliban were Islamic than what about sura 2 verse 228 says “women shall have rights similar to rights against them, according to what is equitable. But men have a degree of advantage over them. And Allah is exalted in power.” Nowhere in the Koran it is written that women are inferior creature and should be treated the way the Taliban treats them.
Women and girls in Thailand are transformed to machine. Thomas Dorothy and Jones Sidney wrote in their book a modern form of slavery: trafficking of Burmese women and girls into brothels in Thailand. Women and girls in Thailand are taken by consent of the relatives in Burma with in promise of working in the restaurant as waitress and dishwasher, and the relatives receive money from the agent in contact with the brothel company. The relatives of the women and girls accompagn them to the Thai border where they receive a payment of 10,000 baht ($400) to 20,000 baht ($800) from someone associate with the brothel company in Thailand. The relatives hoping that things will be the same as the agent promised, but it turn up to be that the women and girls are transformed to prostitute. They have to reimburse the double money taken by their relatives with interest, so women and girls have to work ten to thirteen hours a day and twenty-five days a month. They are forced to sex without any protection and receive an average of five and fifteen client a day. They are exposed to every kind of disease such as HIV and AIDS, but the agent does

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The late Rosemarie Skaine was a sociologist and lived in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Her writing interests included families and women’s issues.

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