Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

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Herbert S. Stone & Company, 1896 - Punishment - 148 pages

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Page 71 - The beadle, who performed it, had filled his left hand with red ochre, through which after every stroke he drew the lash of his whip, leaving the appearance of a wound upon the skin, but in reality not hurting him at all.
Page 102 - About five years after, this woman was adjudged to be whipped for reproaching the magistrates. She stood without tying, and bare her punishment with a masculine spirit, glorying in her suffering. But after (when she came to consider the reproach, which would stick by her, etc.) she was much dejected about it. She had a cleft stick put on her tongue half an hour, for reproaching the elders, (6,) 1646.
Page 97 - John Willis, of Ipswich, upon his oath said, that he, this Deponent, was in Newcastle six months ago, and there he saw one Ann Bidlestone drove through the streets by an officer of the same corporation, holding a rope in his hand, the other end fastened to an engine called the Branks, which is like a Crown, it being of iron, which waa musled over the head and face, with a great gap or tongue of Iron forced into her mouth which forced the blood out. And that is the punishment which the magistrates...
Page 99 - ... tis taken off : which being put upon the offender by order of the magistrate, and fastened with a padlock behind, she is led round the town by an officer, to her shame, nor is it taken off till after the party begins to shew all external signes imaginable of humiliation and amendment.
Page 38 - ... magistrate at home. He being in the stocks, one of La Tour's gentlemen lifted up the stocks and let him out. The constable, hearing of it, went to the Frenchman, (being then gone and quiet,) and would needs carry him to the stocks ; the Frenchman offered to yield himself to go to prison, but the constable, not understanding his language, pressed him to go to the stocks: the Frenchman resisted and drew his sword ; with that company came in and disarmed him, and carried him by force to the stocks,...
Page 62 - HAIL ! hieroglyphic State Machine, Contrived to punish Fancy in ! Men that are men in thee can feel no pain ; And all thy insignificants disdain ! Contempt, that false new word for shame, Is, without crime an empty name ! A shadow to amuse mankind : But never frights the wise or well-fixed mind ! Virtue despises human scorn ! And scandals Innocence adorn.
Page 115 - He came in his worst clothes (being accustomed to take great pride in his bravery and neatness) without a band, in a foul linen cap pulled close to his eyes; and standing upon a form, he did, with many deep sighs and abundance of tears, lay open his wicked course, his adultery, his hypocrisy, his persecution of God's people here, and especially his pride (as the root of all, which caused God to give him over to his other sinful courses) and contempt of the magistrates.
Page 16 - Down in the deep the stool descends, But here at first we miss our ends ; She mounts again, and rages more Than ever vixen did before ; So, throwing water on the fire Will make it burn up but the higher.
Page 15 - Away, you cry, you'll grace the stool; We 'll teach you how your tongue to rule. The fair offender fills the seat In sullen pomp, profoundly great; Down in the deep the stool descends, But here, at first, we miss our ends; She mounts again, and rages more Than ever vixen did before. So, throwing water on the fire...

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