Transactions of the Sixth International Congress on Tuberculosis, Volume 1

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Fell, 1908
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Page 893 - ... or over during the week preceding admission to the sanatorium, the patient is put to bed after the journey. So long as the temperature remains at 99° F. in the case of men or 99.6° F. in the case of women, the patient is not allowed up for any purpose. So long as the temperature is unaffected by exertion the patient is gradually allowed up for longer and longer periods. Patients with apparently limited disease, but who are in poor general condition and without fever, are allowed to be up all...
Page 849 - I. Leichte, auf kleine Bezirke eines Lappens beschränkte Erkrankung, die z. B. an den Lungenspitzen bei Doppelseitigkeit des Falles nicht über die Schulterblattgräte und das Schlüsselbein, bei Einseitigkeit vorn nicht über die zweite Rippe hinunterreichen darf. II. Leichte, weiter als I, aber höchstens auf das Volumen eines Lappens, oder schwere, höchstens auf den Raum eines halben Lappens ausgedehnte Erkrankung.
Page 778 - It is not proved that tuberculin has a specific curative action. Neither animal experiments nor the results obtained in man justify such a conclusion. The bewildering mass of new tuberculins and the constantly growing number of methods of application are sufficient proof that the question is still open, and that further experiments are necessary.
Page 629 - If these conditions can be fulfilled as well as at home, in a better climate, the patient should be advised to make the change. If the patient's financial, social, or domestic circumstances are such that he cannot in the new climate secure proper and sufficient food, accommodation, care, and medical attention, or if his mental attitude is such as to make separation from home inadvisable, he should not be sent away.
Page 919 - ... registers an elevation to 99° or 100° F. These are precisely the symptoms which are found during the negative phase after an excessive dose of bacterial vaccine. Thus we have a new scientific test by which the effect of physical exercise on the blood of patients has been traced. As Inman says : The opsonic index has shown that the exercise has supplied the stimulus needed to induce artificial auto-inoculation, and that this systematic graduation has regulated this in point of time and amount....
Page 959 - Collectivités), sur la nécessité urgente de créer, tout d'abord dans les villes, des dispensaires antituberculeux spécialement destinés à la prophylaxie de la Tuberculose par l'éducation hygiénique du peuple et par l'assistance à domicile des nombreux malades qui ne peuvent être admis dans les sanatoriums de cure.
Page 995 - Health, the Boston Association for the Relief and Control of Tuberculosis, and the...
Page 891 - ... generally considered positively harmful. The first exercise ordered was walking, the distance being gradually increased up to ten miles a day. When a patient had reached this stage he was given a basket in which to carry mould for spreading on the lawns. No case of hemoptysis or of pyrexia occurred among these patients. When they had been on this grade with nothing but beneficial results for from three weeks to a month, they were given boys...
Page 800 - To follow no arbitrary rule as to rate of increase or the maximum dose to be reached, but to be guided merely by the degree of toxin tolerance of each patient as shown by the symptoms...
Page 800 - ... to produce it more or less empirically by a series of moderate reactions the severity of which we cannot in any way control, the main features in our treatment would be : to raise...

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