The Yale Literary Magazine, Volume 84, Issue 6

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Herrick & Noyes, 1919
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Page 282 - Conceded to be the Finest Pencil Made for General Use EAGLE PENCIL COMPANY 377 BROADWAY NEW YORK I • I MICHIGAN 39015068353039 HOTEL CUMBERLAND New York BROADWAY, AT FIFTY-FOURTH STREET Seventh Ave. Cars From Penna. Station Kept by a College Man Headquarters for College Men Ten Minutes' Walk to Fifty Theatres Rooms with Bath $2.50 and up Special Rates for College Teams and Students HARRY P.
Page 283 - Rooms with Bath $2.50 and up SPECIAL RATES FOR COLLEGE TEAMS AND STUDENTS HARRY P. STIMSON, Manager The Cumberland does more college business than any other...
Page 282 - Dealer 5c. Each or 50c. per Dozen Hexagon shape Highly Polished in Yellow Finish, with Gilt Tip and Red Ring, fitted with best Red Erasive Rubber. The Mikado is a Superior Quality of Pencil and contains the very finest specially prepared lead, which is exceedingly smooth and durable. Accurately graded in five degrees: No. 1, Soft; No.
Page 283 - Room«, with bath, $2.50 and up. Special Rates for College Teams and Students HARRY P. STIMSON, Manager The Cumberland does more college business than any other New York Hotel HEADQUARTERS FOR COLUMBIA ТНК LIBRARY ESTABLISHED 1818 LOTHIN© BROADWAY coi».
Page 273 - THE YALE BOOK OF STUDENT VERSE 1910-1919 Edited by John W. Andrews, Stephen Vincent Benet, John Chipman Farrar and Pierson Underwood. With an Introduction by Charlton M. Lewis and an Epilogue by William Rose Benet.
Page 229 - Flannels for Town and Country Summer Furnishings Straw and Panama Hats Russia, Calf and Buckskin Shoes Travelling Kits Send for Illustrated Catalogue Uniforms for Officers in the Service of the United States...
Page 262 - To climb where 1 had never gone Before. Then sudden, swift and cold, I felt a wind around me pressed, And saw the vistas fall away In tumbled rout. And now the crest Of all was mine and over there With gorgeous touch, an idling ray Made splendid in night's rippling cloak The dingy mist, the city smoke. The breeze grew drowsy as a prayer Scarce formed on lips. The distance flamed...
Page 235 - I'd tramped them till my hot feet hurt. Now—beaten as a beaten pup— I hummed to keep my courage up A stupid song I'd learned at school; Though all the words ran back to "Fool...
Page 237 - Those rippled names on which we cry— Those eyes we saw a while agone— But there's adventure to be won! And slit-eyed men, and ring-nosed men, Shall bar our glorious way again That proud armadas' trampled shards May make a new song for our bards!
Page 240 - He is irresistible, this great man. CHILDE ROLAND: Oliver! Oliver! Charlemagne! I hear your voices. It is I, Roland, without in the dark marsh. My body I cast away for you; my breath I returned to the sky in your defense. God of France! Open the door.... (The marsh is a little put out by all this strong feeling; it lies quiet.

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