Essay on musical intervals, harmonics, and the temperament of the musical scale, &c

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Page 27 - may be communicated and sustained altogether at the same time; and, hence, we see the reason why the fundamental notes of large strings, such as those of the harpsichord and violoncello, are usually accompanied with harmonic notes, which are more or less sensible, according to the strength or weakness of the
Page 27 - agitation of the portions into which the string has divided itself; they are most readily communicated by a sudden action on the string near to one of its extremities, and, therefore, almost always accompany the tones of the pianoforte, particularly those of the bass.
Page 77 - and marking the motion of the bright spot which it made, he found that the string
Page 82 - are remarkably disagreeable in a concert of strong treble voices, when some of them are out of tune; or in a ring of bells ill tuned;
Page 81 - will beat again. But now the motion of one string struck alone makes the other only start,
Page 64 - A vibrates about 424 times in one second. This may differ one or two vibrations from the truth, on account of the unavoidable small defects of the materials used in the experiment. According to this determination, the
Page 69 - the 100th of one, and the 150th of the other, the former will have gained half a vibration, and those vibrations of the one which fall exactly on those of the other,
Page 69 - Beats will likewise be heard when other concords, as fifths, are imperfectly adjusted. Suppose one string to make 201 vibrations, while the other makes 300, then, at and
Page 81 - drawn out with an even bow, not only an audible but a visible beating and irregularity is observable in the vibrations,
Page 63 - weight would be equal to that by which it is stretched. Then the number of vibrations per second will be

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