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C.R. Rao, Sandip Sinharay, S. Sinharay
Elsevier, 2007 - Mathematics - 1169 pages
The area of Psychometrics, a field encompassing the statistical methods used in Psychological and educational testing, has become a very important and active area of research, evident from the large body of literature that has been developed in the form of books, volumes and research papers. Mainstream statisticians also have found profound interest in the field because of its unique nature. This book presents a state of the art exposition of theoretical, methodological and applied issues in Psychometrics. This book represents a thorough cross section of internationally renowned thinkers who are inventing methods for dealing with recent challenging psychometric problems. Key Features/ - Emphasis on the most recent developments in the field - Plenty of real, often complicated, data examples to demonstrate the applications of the statistical techniques - Information on available software - Authors from the leading testing companies - Emphasis on the most recent developments in the field - Plenty of real, often complicated, data examples to demonstrate the applications of the statistical techniques - Information on available software

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Ch 1 A History and Overview of Psychometrics
Ch 2 Selected Topics in Classical Test Theory
Foundational Issues and Statistical Methodology
Ch 4 Reliability Coefficients and Generalizability Theory
Ch 5 Differential Item Functioning and Item Bias
Ch 6 Equating Test Scores
Ch 7 Electronic Essay Grading
Ch 8 Some Matrix Results Useful in Psychometric Research
Ch 20 Scoring Open Ended Questions
Ch 21 Assessing the Fit of Item Response Theory Models
Ch 22 Nonparametric Item Response Theory and Special Topics
Ch 23 Automatic Item Generation and Cognitive Psychology
Ch 24 Statistical Inference for Causal Effects with Emphasis on Applications in Psychometrics and Education
Ch 25 Statistical Aspects of Adaptive Testing
Ch 26 Bayesian Psychometric Modeling From An EvidenceCentered Design Perspective
Ch 27 ValueAdded Modeling

Ch 9 Factor Analysis
Ch 10 Structural Equation Modeling
Ch 11 Applications of Multidimensional Scaling in Psychometrics
Ch 12 Multilevel Models in Psychometrics
Ch 13 Latent Class Analysis in Psychometrics
Ch 14 RandomEffects Models for Preference Data
Ch 15 Item Response Theory in a General Framework
Ch 16 Rasch Models
Ch 17 Hierarchical Item Response Theory Models
Ch 18 Multidimensional Item Response Theory
Ch 19 Mixture Distribution Item Response Models
Illustrated with Medical School Admission and Licensing Data
Ch 29 MetaAnalysis
Statistical Models for Measuring Growth and Achievement
Ch 31 Cognitive Diagnosis
Recent Developments and Future Directions
Ch 33 Statistical Procedures Used in College Admissions Testing
Ch 34 Future Challenges in Psychometrics
Subject Index
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About the author (2007)

Professor C. R. Rao, born in India, is one of this century's foremost statisticians, and received his education in statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta. He is Emeritus Holder of the Eberly Family Chair in Statistics at Penn State and Director of the Center for Multivariate Analysis. He has long been recognized as one of the world's top statisticians, and has been awarded 34 honorary doctorates from universities in 19 countries spanning 6 continents. His research has influenced not only statistics, but also the physical, social and natural sciences and engineering.

In 2011 he was recipient of the Royal Statistical Society's Guy Medal in Gold which is awarded triennially to those "who are judged to have merited a signal mark of distinction by reason of their innovative contributions to the theory or application of statistics". It can be awarded both to fellows (members) of the Society and to non-fellows. Since its inception 120 years ago the Gold Medal has been awarded to 34 distinguished statisticians. The first medal was awarded to Charles Booth in 1892. Only two statisticians, H. Cramer (Norwegian) and J. Neyman (Polish), outside Great Britain were awarded the Gold medal and C. R. Rao is the first non-European and non-American to receive the award.

Other awards he has received are the Gold Medal of Calcutta University, Wilks Medal of the American Statistical Association, Wilks Army Medal, Guy Medal in Silver of the Royal Statistical Society (UK), Megnadh Saha Medal and Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal of the Indian National Science Academy, J.C.Bose Gold Medal of Bose Institute and Mahalanobis Centenary Gold Medal of the Indian Science Congress, the Bhatnagar award of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India and the Government of India honored him with the second highest civilian award, Padma Vibhushan, for "outstanding contributions to Science and Engineering / Statistics”, and also instituted a cash award in honor of C R Rao, "to be given once in two years to a young statistician for work done during the preceding 3 years in any field of statistics”.

For his outstanding achievements Rao has been honored with the establishment of an institute named after him, C.R.Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, in the campus of the University of Hyderabad, India.

Sandip Sinharay, a research scientist in the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, NJ, is a recent winner of the Alicia Cascallar Award for an Outstanding Paper by an Early Career Scholar awarded by National Council on Measurement in Education. He has worked in numerous projects in ETS, including ones on National Assessment of Educational Progress, mostly on the application of Bayesian methods to educational testing. He presented in numerous conferences on Psychometrics and published papers in the leading journals in Psychometrics.

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