An Appeal to All that Doubt, Or Disbelieve the Truths of the Gospel: Whether They be Deists, Arians, Socinians, Or Nominal Christians...

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W. Innys and J. Richardson, 1756 - Christian life - 332 pages
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Page 38 - ... power of acting on his body ; but by his fall he changed the light, life, and Spirit of God for the light, life, and spirit of the world. He died the very day of his transgression to all the influences and operations of the Spirit of God upon him, as we die to the influences of this world when the soul leaves the body ; and all the influences and operations of the elements of this life were open in him, as they were in any animal, at his birth into this world...
Page 167 - Raisers of all that is real and solid in us. All outward Power that we exercise in the Things about us, is but as a Shadow in Comparison of that inward Power, that resides in our Will, Imagination, and Desires ; these communicate with Eternity, and kindle a Life which always reaches either Heaven or Hell.
Page 321 - Prophets, Apostles, and Extraordinary Messengers of God. They were sent with occasional messages, or to make such alterations in the (economy of religion as pleased God. But this man came on no particular errand ; he had nothing to alter, or add, either in the Form, or Doctrine of religion. He had no new truths of religion to propose to the world ; but all that lay in religion and nature, as a Mystery unsearchable, was in its deepest ground opened in this instrument of God.
Page 168 - Desire is not only thus powerful and productive of real Effects, but it is always alive, always working and creating in us, I say creating, for it has no less Power, it perpetually generates either Life or Death in us : And here lies the Ground of the great Efficacy of Prayer, which when it is the Prayer of the Heart, the Prayer of Faith, has a kindling and creating Power, and forms and transforms the Soul into every Thing that its Desires reach after...
Page 312 - The illustrious Sir Isaac Newton, when he wrote his Principia, and published to the World his great Doctrine of Attraction, and those Laws of Nature by which the Planets began, and continue to move in their Orbits...
Page 113 - Time itself does not begin to be, but Duration, which always was, began to be measured by the Earth's turning round, or the rising and setting of the Sun, and that is called the Beginning of Time, which is, properly speaking, only the Beginning of the Measure of Duration : Thus it is with all temporal Nature, and all the Qualities and Powers of temporal Beings that live in it: No Quality or Power of Nature then began to be, but such Qualities and Powers as had been from all Eternity, began then to...
Page 302 - If any man love me — my Father will " love him, and we will come unto him, and make our " abode with him,
Page 10 - Perpetuity of our Nature. The Essences of our Souls can never cease to be, because they never began to be : and nothing can live eternally, but that which hath lived from all Eternity. The Essences of our Soul were a Breath in God before they became a Living Soul, they lived in God before they lived in the created Soul, and therefore the Soul is a Partaker of the Eternity of God, and can never cease to be.
Page 84 - ... birth of that life, which was lost in paradise. No son of Adam can be lost, only by turning away from the Saviour within him. The only religion, which can save us, must be that, which can raise the light, life, and spirit of God, in our souls. Nothing can enter into the vegetable kingdom, till it...
Page 321 - God of anything new in religion ; but the mystery of all that was old and true, both in religion and nature, was opened in him. This is the particularity of his character, by which he stands fully distinguished from all the prophets, apostles, and extraordinary messengers of God.

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