Members of the Family

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Macmillan, 1911 - Cowboys - 317 pages
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Page 280 - It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to hunt, pursue or kill any elk, deer or mountain sheep except from September twenty-fifth to November thirtieth of each year' " He yelled the last two words at me. But I merely clapped my hands to my brow.
Page 126 - Oh that I were where I would be ! Then should I be where I am not ; But where I am, there I must be, And where I would be I can not.
Page 17 - Writing had been a constant pastime since the school paper; in 1884 Mr. Howells (how kind he was!) had felt my literary pulse and pronounced it promising; a quickening came from the pages of Stevenson; a far stronger shove next from the genius of Plain Tales from the Hills; during an unusually long and broad wandering through the Platte valley, Powder River, Buffalo, Cheyenne, Fort Washakie, Jackson's Hole, and the Park, the final push happened to be given by Prosper Merimee; I had the volume containing...
Page 9 - Living men, not very old yet, have seen the Indian on the war-path, the buffalo stopping the train, the cowboy driving his cattle, the herder watching his sheep, the government irrigation dam, and the automobile — have seen every one oi these. slides which progress puts for a moment into its magiclantern and removes to replace with a new one.
Page 13 - Jeff" seems to know himself about the costs of being a hero. Wister seems to have understood both the liberties worth killing for and the liberties worth dying for - as Steve does when he resigns himself calmly to his death -when he wrote in 1911, "All government, all liberty, reduces itself to one man saying to another: You may do this; but if you do that, I will kill you."39 Although Molly threatens the Virginian by saying that if he kills Trampas, "there can be no to-morrow for you and me...
Page 18 - It is significant to note how this master seems to be teaching a numerous young generation. Often do I pick up some popular magazine and read a story (one even of murder, it may be, in tropic seas or city slums), where some canny bit of foreshortening, of presentation, reveals the spreading influence, and I say, " Ah, my friend, never would you have found out how to do that if Henry James hadn't set you thinking!
Page 10 - Wyoming burst upon the tenderfoot resplendent, like all the story-books, like Cooper and Irving and Parkman come true again...
Page 11 - With such belief, or, rather, knowledge, it is sorrowful to see our fatal complacence, our as yet undisciplined folly, in sending to our State Legislatures and to that general business office of ours at Washington a herd of mismanagers that seems each year to grow more inefficient and contemptible, whether branded Republican or Democrat.
Page 9 - All day long it breathed a welcome and a sigh, as if the desert whispered: Yes, I look as if I were here; but I am a ghost, too, there's no coming back. All day long the whiffs of sage-brush conjured old sights before me, till my heart ran over with homesickness for what was no more, and the desert seemed to whisper: It's not I you're seeking, you're straining your eyes to see yourself, — you as you were in your early twenties, with your illusion that I, the happy hunting-ground of your young irresponsibility,...
Page 216 - Take you," said Aaron. British Isles put a dollar down. The pea was under the shell. Everybody saw the thirty dollars paid to British Isles. Aaron shuffled his shells anew. " She's there ! " thundered the freighter. His hand shot down, his head tilted up, and out came the bun again. A neighbor moved a gentle elbow against the freighter's ribs, and silently indicated another shell. In his excitement Bellyful now nearly forgot to keep looking innocent. The dawn...

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