Dr. Rex Curry's Amazing Discovery: Dead Writers Club

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No Pledge Publishing, Jul 26, 2014 - Fiction - 20 pages
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Dr. Rex Curry and his astounding historical achievements are studied by the author Ian Tinny, including Dr. Curry's discovery that: 

(1) the USA's Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior; and 

(2) the swastika, although an ancient symbol, was also used to represent crossed "S" letters for "socialism" under Nazism (the National Socialist German Workers Party).

Because of the revelations there are unexpected results. Tinny and his assistants collect old photos and film footage of the early Pledge of Allegiance showing the origin of the notorious stiff-armed salute. 

The Nazi salute was performed by public officials in the USA from 1892 through 1942. What happened to old photographs and films of the American Nazi salute performed by federal, state, county, and local officials? Those photos and films are rare because people don't want to know the truth about the government’s past.

Public officials in the USA who preceded the German socialist (Hitler) and the Italian socialist (Mussolini) were sources for the stiff-armed salute (and robotic chanting) in those countries and other foreign countries.

Explore how the "ancient Roman salute" myth originated from the city of Rome in the state of New York (not Italy), Francis Bellamy's hometown. Learn about Mussolini's strange gift to the city of Rome, NY: a statue of two human male infants suckling on a female wolf. That statue remains on display in Rome, NY.

See how Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts helped spread the Nazi salute and the swastika to Germany and elsewhere.

Discover how Stalin was forced to involuntarily join the allies during WWII.

Discover how the military salute was the origin of the Nazi salute.

Read why the Pledge of Allegiance would not be performed by anyone today (other than oddballs) if the truth were taught in school.

Find out who you are, what you are, and how you got to be that way. Also learn who you should blame: your teacher (and the government's schools).


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About the author (2014)

     Before becoming a full-time writer, Ian Tinny was a part-time instructor to Probation Officers and to Judges, and his work led to the arrest, trial, conviction, and imprisonment of America’s Dumbest Criminals. Tinny was also a personal effectiveness coach specializing in cognitive and behavior change development for individuals (including criminals), and for teams. That aspect of Tinny’s career piqued his interest in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

     “Drug Detection Dog Training – Libertarian Lawyers Fight Police State USA,” is another book by Tinny.

     Tinny is a member of the Dead Writers Club and the Pointer Institute for Media Studies and has served as editor for three volumes from the Dead Writers Club, including: “BFFs Analects,” and the self-titled “Dead Writers Club.”

     Tinny collects old photos and film footage of the early Pledge of Allegiance showing the origin of the notorious stiff-armed salute. Many of those artifacts have been found among Dr. Rex Curry's historical archival work.

     Key West, Florida is where Tinny resides for most of the year, with his dog and his cat, overlooking the water where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico. Guests of Tinny stay at the historic Curry Mansion in downtown Key West. When not in Key West, Tinny spends time in Manhattan.

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