Blackwood's Magazine, Volume 93

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W. Blackwood, 1863 - Scotland
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Page 308 - Privateering is and remains abolished; 2. The neutral flag covers enemy's goods, with the exception of contraband of war; 3. Neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to capture under enemy's flag; 4.
Page 289 - She looked down to blush, and she looked up to sigh, With a smile on her lip, and a tear in her eye.
Page 630 - Thousands of persons are now obliged to resort to the poor rate for subsistence, owing to this blockade. Yet her Majesty's government have never sought to take advantage of the obvious imperfections of this blockade, in order to declare it ineffective.
Page 567 - O gentle Sleep, Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down. And steep my senses in forgetfulness...
Page 479 - ... and besides well governed, is one of the flowers of your greatness both present and to come ; it would be handled tenderly. The only way is, to quench it verbis and not rebus ; and therefore to take all occasions to the queen, to speak against popularity and popular courses...
Page 443 - the Protestant Episcopal Establishment in Ireland exceeds the spiritual wants of the Protestant population ; and that, it being the right of the State to regulate the distribution of Church property in such a manner as Parliament may determine, it is the opinion of this House that the temporal possessions of the Church of Ireland, as now established by law, ought to be reduced.
Page 3 - They bore, indeed, this character upon their face, for they were made payable only " after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States of America.
Page 311 - whenever I sit upon the bench (which is much oftener than I appear at the bar), I always give the advocates as much water as they require ; for I look upon it as the height of presumption to pretend to guess before a cause is heard what time it will require, and to set limits to an affair before one is acquainted with its extent, especially as the first and most sacred duty of a judge is patience, which, indeed, is itself a very considerable part of justice.
Page 532 - One of the chiefs assured me that the children borne by their women to Europeans were bolder warriors, and better hunters, than themselves.
Page 393 - Gotairo himself, hacked off on the spot. But strangest of all these startling incidents, it is further related that two heads were found missing, and that which was seen in the fugitive's hand was only a lure to the pursuing party — while the true trophy had been secreted on the person of another, and was thus successfully carried off, though the decoy paid the penalty of his life.

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