Selections Illustrating the History of Greek Mathematics: From Aristarchus to Pappus

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Harvard University Press, 1941 - Mathematics, Greek - 682 pages
GREEK MATHEMATICAL WORKS. The wonderful achievement of Greek mathematics is illustrated in two volumes. 1. The divisions of mathematics; mathematics in Greek education; calculation; arithmetical notation and operations, including square root and cube root; Pythagorean arithmetic including properties of numbers; square root of 2; proportion and means; algabraic equations; Proclus; Thales; Pythagorean geometry; Democritus; Hippocrates of Chios; duplicating the cube and squaring the circle; trisecting angles; Theaetetus; Plato; Exodus of Cnidus (pyramid; cone, etc.); Aristotle (the infinite; the lever); Euclid. 2. Aristarchus (distances of sun and moon); Archimedes (cylinder, sphere, cubic equations; conoids; spheroids; spiral; expression of large numbers; mechanics; hydrostatics); Eratosthenes (measurement of the earth); Apollonius (conic sections and other works); later development of geometry; trigonometry (including Ptolmy's table of sines); mensuration - Heron of Alexandria; algebra - Diophantus (determinate and indeterminate equations); the revival of geometry - Pappus.

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