A Pilgrimage to Auvergne: From Picardy to Le Velay

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Page 47 - persuaded that the Caaba is almost coeval with the world; for they say that Adam after his expulsion from Paradise begged of God that he might erect a building like that he had seen there, called Beit al Mamur, or the Frequented House, and al Dorah,
Page 41 - he pleased, the army of birds at the same time flying over their heads, and forming a kind of canopy to shade them from the
Page 41 - when all were in order, the wind at his command took up the carpet and transported it with all that were upon it
Page 41 - of all Spain; and they commonly call it the second Italy, which made the Moors, whereof many thousands were disterr'd and banished hence to Barbary, to think
Page 47 - singular veneration with the Arabs from great antiquity, and many centuries before Mohammed. Though it was most probably dedicated at first to an idolatrous use, yet the Mohammedans are
Page 41 - almonds, the best oyls, and beautifull'st females of all Spain. The very bruit animals make themselves beds of rosemary and other fragrant flowers hereabouts; and when one is at sea, if the winde blow from the shore he may smell this soyl, before he come in sight of it, many leagues off by the strong odoriferous scent it casts. As it is the most pleasant, so it is also the temperat'st
Page 241 - the moats are filled with plantations of acacia, gardens, and vines, the fine old towers are covered with festoons of ivy
Page 41 - prodigious length and breadth, and sufficient for all his forces to stand on, the men
Page 352 - marched into Burgundy, where they had captains of all nations, Germans, Scots, and people from every country. I was there also as a captain. Our numbers in Burgundy above the river Loire were upwards of twelve thousand, including all sorts.
Page 41 - he had a carpet of green silk, on which his throne was placed

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