A Japanese and English Dictionary: With and English and Japanese Index

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James Curtis Hepburn
American Presbyterian Mission Press, 1867 - English language - 690 pages
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Page ix - ... f has a close resemblance to the sound of the English/, but differs from it, in that the lower lip does not touch the upper teeth ; the sound is made by blowing fu softly through the lips nearly closed, resembling the sound of ivh in -who : fu is an aspirate, and might, for the sake of uniformity, be written hu.
Page ix - ... but in the body of a word, when followed by a syllable beginning with b, m or p, it is pronounced like...
Page ix - English r ; but in ri it is pronounced more like d ; but this is not invariable, as many natives give it the common r sound.
Page v - The conviction that it is a first step in the right direction, and that, with all its deficiencies, it will prove of some use, could alone have made him consent to its publication. In compiling this work the author has labored under the very great difficulty of having had little to assist him from the works of predecessors in the same field. The only works of the kind within his reach were the small vocabulary of Dr. Medhurst published in Batavia in 1830; and the Japanese and Portuguese Dictionary...
Page 399 - Grammar. (1) see preceding uta. (2) sigarami, 'a barricade in a river', "formed by a row of piles driven along the banks of a stream and interwoven with bamboo to protect the bank from the current...
Page 191 - He ineluded in his single mind the thoughts and contrivances of many," says Motowori. 8 Ie, as is generally believed, the barndoor fowl. 9 The text has the character $., " iron," which Hirata reads ma-rtane, lit.
Page xi - Kama, only, without the voice of the living teacher, to direct them to proper sound.

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