Tables for Renewing and Purchasing of the Leases of Cathedral-churches and Colleges, According to Several Rates of Interest ... Also Tables for Renewing and Purchasing of Lives ...

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T. Astley, 1735 - Annuities - 47 pages

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Page ii - Husbandman: con•*• taming many new Improvements in Husbandry, i. Of meliorating the different Soils, and all other Branches of Bufinefs relating to a Farm.
Page vi - Intereft i or what one Pound due at the end of any Number of Years to come, not exceeding 4qe is worth in ready Money, at 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12.
Page 36 - Cent, becaufe the Lives are valued according to the fame Rate of Intereft. This being underftood, it will not be difficult to do the like for any other Number of Lives, and at other Rates of Incereft, and Number of Years for one Life -, for you may by the Table for purchafing of Leafes, &c.
Page 34 - But this way feeming unequal, there is another way which is more agreeable to Reafon, and it is this ; viz. for every Life to decreafe one Year, as if one Life be reckoned as a Leafe for...
Page 35 - Perfons ihould die< what muft be given to make up the Number again? Then I fay, one Life which is dead was...
Page 36 - Life be reckoned аз a Leafe of 9 Years ; and then if one Life be dead, I muft reckon 9 Years lapfed in a Leafe of 30 Years ; if 2 Lives are dead I muft reckon...
Page 34 - Years, thn two will be as a Leafe of 23, three as a Leafe of 33 Years, &c. fo that at 6 per Cent. one Life is worth above 8 Years and a Quarter's Purchafe, two Lives above л 2 Years and a Quarter's Purchafe, &c.
Page ii - Italian brocoli, . . . as also an account of the la lucerne, St. foyne, clover, and other grass-seeds. With the method of burning of clay, for the improvement of land, . . . 1728. 2nd ed.
Page 34 - So if you reckon one Life as a Leafe of 9 Years, then two will be as a Leafe of 17, three asa Leafe of 24, V.
Page 36 - Years for one Life, they will be reckoned as a Leafe for 34 Years, and fo I muft begin at 34 to fum the...

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