Archives of Maryland, Volume 15

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William Hand Browne, Clayton Colman Hall, Bernard Christian Steiner
Maryland Historical Society, 1896 - Archives
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Page 39 - Somewhat later the settlements of Baltimore County are known to be as far up the Patapsco River as Hollofields, and it was probably intended that the county should include the inhabitants on both sides of the river to its mouth. In 1674 there was a practically unsettled region between the Magothy and...
Page xii - ... anything removed from the multitude. The only peculiarity, by which you can distinguish a chief from the common people, is some badge; either a collar made of a rude jewel, or a belt, or a cloak, oftentimes ornamented with shells in circular rows. The kingdoms of these are generally circumscribed by the narrow confines of a single village and the adjacent country...
Page 193 - ... nor unless it be proved that the testator, at the time of pronouncing the same, did bid the persons present or some of them, bear witness that such was his will or to that effect...
Page 40 - Then this Obligation to be void, and of none Effect ; or else to stand, remain, abide, and be in full Force and Virtue.
Page 84 - Any sentinel who shall be found sleeping upon his post, or shall leave it before he shall be regularly relieved, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as shall be inflicted by the sentence of a court-martial.
Page 138 - As to the votes of -^freemen who have neither lands nor visible personall Estate, in the Eleccon of Delegates for the Assembly we doe say, that as the Lord Proprietary can call assemblys by his Patent whensoever & in what manner to him shall seeme most fitt and convenient, Itt is no wonder that he should chuse this as the fittest & most convenient manner, & most agreeable to the Lawe and Custome of England For what man in England can be admitted to the Election of Parliament men that hath not a visible...
Page 5 - That the said iws be consonant to reason, and be not repugnant or contrary, but (as near as conveniently may be) agreeable to the laws, statutes and rights of this our kingdom of England...
Page 347 - ... of which justices of the peace in England may or ought lawfully to inquire, by whomsoever or whensoever done or perpetrated in the county, aforesaid, against the laws and orders of this our province.
Page 397 - Ingrosseings and extortions whatsoever and of all and singular other misdeeds and Offences of which Justices of the peace in England may or ought lawfully to enquire...
Page 193 - ... been resident for the space of ten days or more next before the making of such will, except where such person was surprised or taken sick, being from his own home, and died before he returned to the place of his or her dwelling.

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