Diagnosis and Management of Tubo-Uterine Factors in Infertility

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R.F. Harrison, J. Bonnar, W. Thompson
Springer Science & Business Media, Dec 6, 2012 - Medical - 304 pages
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This is the second compilation of papers given during the Related Communica tions Sessions of the XIth International Federation of Fertility Societies World Congress held on June 26th-July 1st 1983 at the Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland. Except for Part I, where results of animal experimentations are gathered together, the volume is concerned solely with studies in the human. The role of infection and endometriosis in the aetiology and treatment of the tubo uteroperitoneal factor in infertility are the concern of Parts II and III. Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of tubal disease are covered in Parts IV and V and the book ends with Part VI, chapters on the uterus and vagina. Laparoscopy and microsurgical techniques have undoubtedly transformed the diagnostic and therapeutic outlook in this area of infertility. This book shows you how far such techniques have progressed and how much there is yet to do. Dublin, 1983 Robert F. Harrison lohnBonnar William Thompson xi List of Contributors 5. A.Z. BADAWY J. ABE Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Upstate Medical Center Kawarmachi-Hirokogi, Kamikyoku, Kyoto 750 E. Adams Street JAPAN 602 Syracuse, NY 13210 USA M. ALACHMAR "Marika Eliadi" Maternity Hospital 2 Helena Venizelos Square M. BERG Athens 115 21 Department of Clinical Sciences GREECE University of Tampere Teiskontie 35 W. ALBRICH SF-33520 Tampere Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology FINLAND University of Munich Marchioninistrasse D-8000 Munich 70 G.

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