Building and Repairing Railways: Supplement to the Science of Railways

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World railway pub., 1901 - Railroads - 642 pages
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Page 636 - HOWARD, CR Earthwork Mensuration on the Basis of the Prismoidal Formulae. Containing Simple and Labor-saving Method of obtaining Prismoidal Contents directly from End Areas.
Page 640 - Track-work of Railroads, containing a large collection of Rules and Tables, original and selected, applicable to both the Standard and Narrow Gauge, and prepared with special reference to the wants of the young Engineer.
Page 642 - Pocket Book of Mensuration, Trigonometry, Surveying, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Instruments and their adjustments, Strength of Materials, Masonry, Principles of Wooden and Iron Roof and Bridge Trusses, Stone Bridges and Culverts, Trestles, Pillars, Suspension Bridges, Dams, Railroads, Turnouts, Turning Platforms, Water Stations, Cost of Earthwork, Foundations, Retaining Walls, etc., etc., etc.
Page 567 - No work affecting safety or regularity of trains must be undertaken without previously notifying the Superintendent of the Division upon which the work is to be performed, and the subsequent execution of the work must conform to the orders, rules and regulations established by the Superintendent to insure safety. All necessary track or bridge work in connection with such work will be performed by the division force, under the instructions of the Superintendent or his roadmasters or bridge foremen....
Page 608 - ... of an inch, below the top of rail, and two and one-half inches from the gauge line. The ends and inside edges of planks should be beveled off as shown on standard plan.
Page 642 - Civil Engineer's Pocketbook. Of mensuration, trigonometry, surveying, hydraulics, hydrostatics, instruments and their adjustments, strength of materials, masonry, principles of wooden and iron roof and bridge trusses, stone bridges and culverts, trestles, pillars, suspension bridges, dams, railroads, turnouts, turning platforms, water stations, cost of earthwork, foundations, retaining walls, etc. In addition to which the elucidation of certain important principles of construction is made in a more...
Page 638 - MERRIMAN— JACOBY.— A Text-Book on Roofs and Bridges. Designed for classes in technical schools and for the use of engineers. By Prof. Mansfield Merriman, of Lehigh University, and Prof. Henry S. Jacoby, of Cornell University. In four parts. Part I. — "Stresses in Simple Trusses.
Page 478 - STRUCTURES. 1. Repairs of Roadway. 2. Renewals of Rails. 3. Renewals of Ties. 4. Repairs and Renewals of Bridges and Culverts. 5. Repairs and Renewals of Fences, Road Crossings, Signs and Cattle Guards. 6. Repairs and Renewals of Buildings and Fixtures. 7. Repairs and Renewals of Docks and Wharves. 8. Repairs and Renewals of Telegraph. 9. Stationery and Printing. 10. Other Expenses.
Page 571 - Such lines are usually located descending from the summit along a uniform grade contour to an intersection with the "bottom" line of lower grades. All locations should be made with regard to future permanent construction and every effort used to reduce the amount of temporary construction which may be required to the least limits. Many opportunities for stream diversion are neglected, even in cases where the cost of the bridging otherwise required is many times in excess. When construction funds...
Page 478 - Structures is charged; viz.: (1) Repairs of roadway; (2) Renewals of rails; (3) Renewals of ties; (4) Repairs and renewals of bridges and culverts; (5) Repairs and renewals of fences, road crossings, signs and cattle guards...

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