The Human Foot: Anatomy, Deformities and Treatment

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Foot Specialist Publishing Company, 1916 - 392 pages
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Page 52 - ... and is inserted into the outer side of the base of the metatarsal bone of the great toe and the internal cuneiform bone.
Page 58 - Flexor brevis pollicis, into the inner side of the base of the first phalanx of the great toe.
Page 307 - I have heard that this is observed amongst them, that by how much the nobler a woman is, by so much the higher are her chapineys. All their gentlewomen, and most of their wives and widows that are of any wealth, are assisted and supported either by men or women when they walk abroad, to the end they may not fall. They are borne up most commonly by the left arm, otherwise they might quickly take a fall.
Page 66 - Artery, the continuation of the femoral, extends from the opening in the adductor magnus, passing behind the knee-joint, to the lower border of the popliteus muscle, where it divides into the Anterior and Posterior Tibial Arteries.
Page 309 - I must tell you, signior, that, in this last encounter, not having leisure to put off my silver spurs, one of the rowels catch'd hold of the ruffle of my boot, and, being Spanish leather, and subject to tear, overthrows me...
Page 58 - ... septum between it and the Flexor brevis digitorum. The fibres terminate in a tendon, which is inserted, together with the innermost tendon of the Flexor brevis...
Page 305 - wore shoes with a point before, half a foot long ; the richer and more eminent personages wore them a foot, and princes two feet long, which was the most ridiculous thing that ever was seen ; and when men became tired of these pointed shoes, which were called poulaines, they adopted others in their stead denominated duck-bills, having a bill or beak before, of four or five fingers in length. Afterwards, assuming a contrary fashion, they wore slippers so very broad in front as to exceed the measure...
Page 77 - ... exceed in capacity the pulmonary arteries. From the combined area of the smaller venous branches being greater than the main trunks, it results that the venous system represents a cone, the summit...
Page 59 - ... of the plantar fascia, and the intermuscular septum between it and the Flexor brevis digitorum. Its tendon, after gliding over a smooth facet on the under surface of the base...
Page 90 - ... felt in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. The...

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