SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development

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John Wiley & Sons, Mar 18, 2010 - Computers - 456 pages
This is the Official Guide on the award-winning SilverStripe programming framework, authored by the creators of the open source CMS.

SilverStripe is a robust and flexible website content management system (CMS) tightly integrated with an application framework. It is open source and embraces modern system architecture and agile development methodologies. Intermediate developers can implement powerful websites and web-applications quickly and customize them to their individual needs. The award-winning PHP5/MySQL-based system saves not only time and nerves for techies, but also features a straightforward interface which is a joy to use for non-technical content-authors.

This Guide helps you to:

  • Get started with SilverStripe: Learn the architecture and usability principles that underpin SilverStripe’s modern approach. Then go through the technical requirements, the installation process, and useful tools for your daily work.
  • Learn the CMS: Practical examples show you how to use the CMS as a content author, and how to manage content, images, documents, and forms without technical knowledge. Administrators learn how to set up permissions and security groups.
  • Develop a custom application: Use MVC and other modern design patterns to create well-structured, object-oriented PHP code and concise template markup. Let the authors walk you through creating an interactive recruitment website as practical example project.
  • Extend through clean code and modules: Understand how SilverStripe is built on modularity and how this empowers you to build plugins and core extensions in an elegant, maintainable fashion.
  • Use SilverStripe professionally: In-depth topics on internationalization, security, unit testing, caching, multi-page forms, and web services APIs ensure that you can build world-class websites.

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As crap as SilverStripe itself. Full of typos. Get it sorted!


71 Crosssite Scripting XSS
72 Crosssite Request Forgery CSRF
73 SQL Injection
74 Directory Traversal
75 Sessions
76 Conclusion
81 Environment Types
82 Configuration of Multiple Environments

25 Database Management
26 Support
31 Introduction
33 ORM Object Relational Mapping
34 Directory Structure
35 Modules and Widgets
36 Themes
37 Configuration
38 Conclusion
Job Portal and User Group
42 Creating the Page Structure
43 Inserting Page Content
44 Managing Files and Images
45 Versioning
47 Simple Contact Form
48 Creating New Users
49 Themes
410 Conclusion
51 Job Categories as a Page Type
52 Job as a DataObject
53 Relations Between DataObjects
54 Creating the Interface
55 Creating Templates
56 Custom Forms
57 Email Notification
58 Integrating the Blog Module
59 Search Engine Optimization
510 Conclusion
61 Where are we Headed?
62 Datamodel
63 Using ModelAdmin for Data Management
64 Multipage Registration Form
65 Skills as Tags
66 File Uploads for References
67 Searching DataObjects
68 Generic Views Using CollectionController
69 Defining Access Permissions
610 Web Services Using RESTfulServer
611 RSS Feeds for Jobs
612 Conclusion
83 Version Control using Subversion
84 Backup
85 Upgrade
86 Error Handling
87 Performance
88 Conclusion
91 Testdriven Development
92 Installing PHPUnit
93 Running Tests
94 Unit Tests for the Model
95 Functional Tests for the Controllers
96 Conclusion
101 Character Sets and Unicode
102 Translating Templates and Code
Translating Database Content
104 Conclusion
111 Prerequisites
113 Branding the CMS Interfaces
114 Fulltext Search for Websites
115 Redirecting from Legacy URLs
116 Simple Statistics using TableListField
117 Showing Related Pages
118 CSV Import using CSVBulkLoader
119 A Fully Flashbased Website Driven by SilverStripe
1110 Conclusion
121 Different Ways to Extend SilverStripe
123 Creating Custom Modules
124 Creating Custom Widgets
125 Conclusion
131 Ecommerce
132 Forum
133 Gallery
134 Flickr Service
135 Youtube Gallery
Mollom and Recaptcha
137 Auth_External
139 Subsites
1310 CMS Workflow
1311 Sitetree Importer
1313 Conclusion

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About the author (2010)

Steven Broschart has been working for many years as a Senior SEO Consultant at one of Germany's leading online marketing agencies, cyberpromote GmbH ( Aside from developing PHP- and Ruby on Rails-based business applications and coordinating key accounts for SEO, he is consulting his clients in choosing open source systems. Steven is a regular author at the German PHP Magazine.

Ingo Schommer is a core member of the SilverStripe platform, as well as a Senior Developer at SilverStripe Ltd. in Wellington, New Zealand. He analyses and builds modern web applications, making sure they work well in a browser, not just on paper. He is a frequent contributor to the open source platform, facilitates community involvement, and helps to architect and implement core functionality. Ingo authored the first book about SilverStripe. Besides freelancing as a PHP- and Flash-developer for several years, he graduated as Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Production. He is particularly interested in bringing rich applications to the browser through the fascinating possibilities of JavaScript.

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