The Southern Medical Record: A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery ..., Volume 10

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1880 - Medicine
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Page 380 - Though the patient at first suffers from a painful sensation, yet this passes off, and the parts soon become tolerant of the presence of the tube.
Page 76 - Convention for the same purpose, in the year 1860, by the following resolutions : — " 1. The President of this Convention shall, on the first day of May, 1859, issue a notice requesting the several incorporated State Medical Societies, the incorporated Medical Colleges, the incorporated Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, and the incorporated Colleges of Pharmacy, throughout the United States...
Page 390 - THE USE OF WATER IN THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN. By L. Duncan Bulkley, AM, MD, Physician to the Skin Department. Demilt Dispensary...
Page 425 - The proper method is to take a flannel bag of the size of the poultice required, to fill this with the linseed poultice as hot as it can possibly be made, and to put between this and the skin a second piece of flannel, so that there shall be at least two thicknesses of flannel between the skin and the poultice itself. Above the poultice should be placed more flannel, or a piece of cotton wool, to prevent it from getting cold.
Page 292 - On the other hand, in some cases glycerine speedily and completely succeeded, where the commonly-used remedies for acidity and flatulence completely failed. We do not pretend to estimate its relative value to other remedies ; we are only anxious to draw attention to its virtues. Gas is in some instances formed in the stomach, in others in the large intestine, in some patients in both. Our observations were made on stomach flatulence, and as glycerine is so readily absorbed we should hardly expect...
Page 292 - ... abstain — provided, always, that he takes a drachm of glycerine immediately before, with, or directly after his food. He recommended this treatment to many of his friends — sufferers like himself — and one of these mentioned the above circumstances to us. We have since largely employed glycerine, and find it not only very useful in acidity, but also in flatulence and pyrosis, and that it sometimes relieves pain. We meet with cases where flatulence, or acidity, or pyrosis is the only symptom...
Page 457 - The surface was clean, and in many places the sores looked healthy and white. The bath was repeated next day, after which he fell, for the first time, into a tranquil slumber. From this time his recovery was progressive, delayed only by the formation of abscesses and the great soreness of the feet.
Page 230 - Giving the Correct Definition and Pronunciation of all Words and Terms in General Use in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences, with an Appendix, containing Poisons and their Antidotes, Abbreviations Used in Prescriptions, and a Metric Scale of Doses. By ELIAS LONGLEY.
Page 99 - ... prosecutrix should have manifested the utmost reluctance, and should have made the utmost resistance. The court did not comply with this request, and the refusal to do so is made the ground for asking a new trial.

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