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It is the most simple, interesting, authentic, and fun read about the life & teachings of the Buddha for ALL!

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One of the most beautiful, informative enlightening book I have ever come across. The book gives the reader the true feeling of living with the BUDDHA thereby giving total justice to the Title-"Walking in the Footsteps of Buddha". The serene but powerful ambience created by the author is truely wonderful. The book gives an excellent feel and insight to the greatness of LORD BUDDHA and his teachings that have immense relevance even at this modern age after a span of more than 2500yr. I find it as a great book to read and add to ones library.My salute to Mr. Thich Nhat Hanh for the excellent work.
D Suresh, India

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This book carries BUDHHA within and any body who read it MINDFULLY can meet BUDHHA and attain NIRVANA in this real life without seeking any further help of any body. One shall thus remain HAPPY for EVER .
May the book touch each and every body for the WORLD PEACE - which is the need of the time.
For further refinement & practice , one should also never forget to go through author's other book including the book" The path of EMANCIPATION'.
Definely the book shall remind all , that there hardly any difference between the author & BUDHHA. / Mo:9470001019

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