A Constitution for the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1920 - Reconstruction (1914-1939) - 364 pages

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Page 357 - The Development of the Post Office, A Public Service of Railway and Canal Transport, The Nationalisation of the Coal Supply, A State Insurance Department, and a Revolution in the Income Tax.
Page 330 - Thus this remarkable system depended for its growth on a double bluff or deception. On the one hand the labouring classes accepted from ignorance or powerlessness, or were compelled, persuaded, or cajoled by custom, convention, authority, and the well-established order of society into accepting, a situation in which they could call their own very little of the cake, that they and nature and the capitalists were co-operating to produce.
Page 60 - Service acting in conjunction with the powerful outside interests. The result is that, under the guise of government by a majority of the people acting through its elected representatives, we have now the dictatorship of one man, or of a small group of men...
Page 4 - ... hour, are testing, by personal consumption, the quality of the goods supplied; who are able to attend the members' meetings and become acquainted with the candidates for representation on the governing bodies of the store and of the federal organisations — actually do form such a practicable constituency.
Page 4 - The first need of a Democracy is to have a practicable constituency, that is to say, a sufficiently stable and clearly defined body of members who are able to exercise continuous control over their executive organ ; and this, not only with respect to policy in the abstract, but also with respect to the application of the policy from time to time prescribed by the electorate.
Page 51 - Its [the House of Lords] decisions are vitiated by its composition — it is the worst representative assembly ever created, in that it contains absolutely no members of the manual working class; none of the great classes of shopkeepers, clerks and teachers; none of the half of all the citizens who are of the female sex; and practically none of religious nonconformity, of art, science, or literature.
Page 55 - The Government of Great Britain is in fact carried on, not by the Cabinet, nor even by the Individual Ministers, but by the Civil Service...
Page 363 - STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES STANFORD AUXILIARY LIBRARY STANFORD, CALIFORNIA 94305-6004 (650) 723-9201 salcirc@suimail.stanford.edu All books are subject to recall. DATE DUE...
Page 99 - We regard . . . two co-ordinate national assemblies, one dealing with criminal law and political dominion, and the other with economic and social administration, not merely as the only effective way of remedying the present congestion of parliamentary business, but also as an essential condition of the progressive substitution, with any approach to completeness of the community for the private capitalist.
Page 360 - Problems, which can be obtained by any organisation of men or women for 15s. per annum, covering an exchange of books every three months ; (iii.) Answers to Questions from Members of Local Authorities and others on legal, technical or political matters of Local Government, etc.; (iv.) Special subscription courses of lectures on new developments in thought ; (v.) Economic and social investigation and research, and publication of the results. Lists of Publications, Annual Report, Form of Application...

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