Mysteries of Lost Empires

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Channel 4 Books, 2000 - History - 224 pages
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Mysteries of Lost Empires accompanies the widely acclaimed Channel 4 series of the same name. Its five experimental archaeology projects reveal teams of experienced archaeologists, historians and building engineers recreating the technological feats of ancient civilisations using only the tools available at the time.
Each chapter tells the whole story behind one of the projects in the programme, giving the history of an ancient people, the mystery of their archaeological achievement, the story of other scientists who have tried to explain it and failed, and the day-to-day drama of the team's quest to recreate the feat. Subjects include the enormous moai statues on Easter Island, a unique Chinese bridge made of woven timbers and the development of medieval weapons of war. From the sheer size of ancient Egyptian obelisks to the heating and ventilation systems of Roman baths, each project has provided a range of mysteries to today's archaeologists.
Mysteries of Lost Empires provides an alternative, dynamic approach to history. The book's emphasis on culture, technological difficulties, and the problem solving and teamwork involved in overcoming them, will thrill readers eager to learn more about the subjects in the series.

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