Operative Midwifery

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William Wood & Company, 1908 - Labor (Obstetrics) - 705 pages

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Page 420 - The matter was an ethical one, to be decided entirely by the doctor, and that his duty was to deliver the woman and restore her as nearly as possible to a natural condition, a result obtained by the conservative operation without...
Page 656 - Sudden, violent pain of the right side in the region of the seventh and eighth ribs, increased by respiration and movement for two hours, preceded and followed by burning headache. Drawing pains from lower part of the sternum toward the right, quite round to the spine, with sore pain there, so that even the touch of the clothes increases the pain. Repeated stitches, lasting some...
Page 420 - Ca-sarean section and recovers, she and her husband, if she has one, should be informed of her condition, and of the prognosis and treatment in the event of future pregnancy ; if subsequent pregnancy ensues, the responsibility of treatment rests with the obstetric surgeon, but the responsibility for the condition rests elsewhere.
Page 386 - When the knife has penetrated the symphysis, cut downwards until you have reached and divided the ligamentum arcuatum. Then turn the blade so that the cutting edge is upwards, and divide the rest of the symphysis. There may be a little difficulty in dividing the last ligamentous fibres at the top and lower part of the symphysis, because there is a little tendency for the knife to push these fibres before it, instead of cutting quickly through them.
Page 623 - Two tumours could not be differentiated ; percussion gave a slightly dull note in the flanks. On vaginal examination, the tip of one finger could be pushed through the cervix, but the presenting part could not be felt ; on withdrawing the finger, it was blood-stained. The pulse numbered 88.
Page 420 - As regards the others he continued : " They should be made to share the responsibility with the physician. In such cases the husband and wife have the right to demand sterilisation, though I should earnestly dissuade them from it after the first operation, and point out to them the possibility of the subsequent death of the child and the absolute impossibility of having another after such an operation. If, however, the patient requires a second operation the matter should be left...
Page 333 - Then drawing upon the handles, even without squeezing them together, you will see the blades pressed firmly upon the ball by gradual wedging, as the greatest diameter or equator of the ball comes down into the ring. Just so is it with the child's head and the pelvic brim and canal. The blades are held in close apposition to the head by the soft parts and the pelvis of the mother. In many cases this outward pressure upon the bows of the blades is enough to serve for traction.
Page 412 - retro-peritoneal " or " sub-peritoneal " treatment of the stump. The details of the operation are briefly as follows : The patient is placed in the Trendelenburg position, and the intestines are carefully walled off with swabs.
Page 420 - ... to this subject there appears to me to be three matters for consideration : (1) The ethical question ; (2) the danger to the patient of the repeated operation ; (3) the danger of rupture of the uterus during a .subsequent pregnancy. From...
Page 622 - Mrs. M., iii-para, was admitted on 28th October, 1901, to the Glasgow Maternity Hospital. In both the previous labours the children were extracted with difficulty, and were dead. On the last occasion craniotomy had to be performed. The pelvis was of the flat rachitic type, the diagonal conjugate being 3f inches.

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