The Astrologer's Magazine, Volume 5

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Page 189 - A skilful person, acquainted with the nature of the stars, is enabled to avert many of their effects, and to prepare himself for those effects before they arrive.
Page 164 - The beginning of the whole zodiacal circle — which in its nature as a circle can have no other beginning, nor end, capable of being determined — is, therefore, to be assumed to be the sign of Aries, which commences at the vernal equinox.
Page 49 - Hail, love ! first love ! thou word that sums all bliss ! The sparkling cream of all Time's blessedness, The silken down of happiness complete ! Discerner of the ripest grapes of joy, She gathered, and selected with her hand, All finest relishes, all fairest sights, All rarest odours, all divinest sounds, All thoughts, all feelings dearest to the soul ; And brought the holy mixture home, and filled The heart with all superlatives of bliss.
Page 257 - ... house and its lord shall be afflicted. XV. Signs cadent from the ascendant of any kingdom are the ascendants of that kingdom's enemies. But the angles and succedent houses are the ascendants of its friends. It is the same in all doctrines and institutions. XVI. When the benefics may be controlled in the eighth house, they bring mischief by means of good men: if, on the other hand, they be well affected, they will prevent mischief. XVII. Give no judgment as to the future life of an aged person,...
Page 97 - The world was sad! — the garden was a wild ! And man, the hermit, sigh'd — till woman smiled...
Page 149 - A bag of money upon a table, near to which stands a dark woman masked. It denotes a person of a fortunate nature, who will attract both friends and money. The latter will come to his hand as birds to the net of the snarer. But see, he will not know how to use it, and it will become a source of danger to him through the machinations of a woman. In character the native will be sociable and generous...
Page 85 - A ram standing upon a barren rock pawing the ground." It indicates a person of a headstrong and rash disposition, extremely given to impulse; difficult to restrain, a formidable opponent and a warm-hearted, generous friend. The native is effusive, enthusiastic and restless ; but capable of subsisting upon small fare, and in all probability he will be poor, though in some ^ense eminent. It is a degree of Impulse. 17111: "A man riding a camel with attendants following.
Page 151 - An old white-headed man surrounded by happy children." It denotes to the native a long and happy life; an old age invested with the comforts of homely affection. It endows the native with a kind, benevolent and fatherly interest in his fellows, especially those of tender years. He will be much beloved and will end his days in prosperity and peace. It is a degree of Guardianship. I9th: "A husbandman or cattle dealer holding a stock whip in his hand.
Page 187 - JUDGMENT must be regulated by thyself, as well as by , the science ; for it is not possible that particular forms of events should be declared by any person, however scientific ; since the understanding conceives only a certain general idea of some sensible event, and not its particular form. It is, therefore, necessary for him who practises herein to adopt inference. They only who are inspired by the deity can predict particulars.

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