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Page 36 - Works, (ie of real merit) on condition of 250 copies being taken, without any risk to the Author either in Advertising or remaining unsold copies, — and divide the profits of the whole Edition with the Author.
Page 33 - CSL, and Corresponding Member of the Medico-Botanical Society of London. Illustrated with Sixty-two Real Specimens, carefully preserved and mounted. Forming a splendid volume, in small folio, suitable for the Library of the Connoisseur, the Study of the Agriculturist, and the Drawing-room Table of the Affluent. Price, in silk, 3; velvet, 3 8s.; morocco, 3 12s.
Page 34 - The Botanical Chart of British Flowering Plants and Ferns ; showing at one view their chief characteristics, Generic and Specific Names, with the Derivations, their Localities, Properties, &c., &c., &c. Compiled by FH KNAPP. 8vo., cloth, price 6s.
Page 33 - GRASSES," for instance, requiring the collection, preparation and mounting of 6200 distinct specimens,) early application is recommended ; and in case — as has sometimes happened — copies should not be procurable when first applied for, it is respectfully suggested that orders should be given to the Booksellers to forward them as soon as new supplies are ready.
Page 36 - SECOND EDITION. The Psalms arranged in Daily Portions, for Reading through Twice in the course of the year; with short Suggestions for applying them to Personal Devotion. By the Rev. ARC DALLAS, MA, Rector of Wonston, Author of " Cottager's Guide to the New Testament,
Page 10 - There are three degrees of comparison ; the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.
Page 35 - A Survey of the Holy Land : its Geography, History, and Destiny. Designed to elucidate the Imagery and Oriental Allusions of Scripture, and demonstrate the fulfilment of Prophecy. By JT BANNISTER, Author of "Chart of the Holy Land," " Incidents of Jewish History,
Page 34 - In 8vo., cloth, price 6s. The Religious World : or, These Last Perilous Times." 12mo., cloth, price 5s. Light from the Sanctuary for " The Cloudy and Dark Day: *
Page 35 - A Token of Love for Little Children. By the Widow of a Madras Officer. Author of " Memorial of Christian Affection.
Page 33 - Specimens. New edition, in elegant cloth, price 1 3s. Silk, 1 6s. Velvet and Morocco, 1 16s. Natural Illustrations of the British Grasses ; — their Botanical Characters, Properties, and Uses ; with appropriate Readings ; prefaced by an Original Poem by JAMES MONTGOMERY, Esq. Edited by FREDERICK HAN HAM, MRCSL, and Corresponding Member of the MedicoBotanical Society of London.

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