High School and Class Management

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D. C. Heath & Company, 1915 - Education, Secondary - 314 pages
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Page 18 - English academic studies which are taught in secondary schools, especially the natural sciences in their application to mechanics, manufactures and agriculture; but the ancient or modern languages and music shall not be taught therein except by direction of the superintending school committees having supervision thereof.
Page 319 - English Grammar. Revised 80 A thorough course for review and the mastery of principles and detail. Sanford and Brown's English Grammar 70 Uses the new uniform nomenclature and has rich illustrative material. COMPOSITION Buhlig's Business English 1.10 Spelling, punctuation, oral English, letter writing, and business practice. Duncan, Beck and Graves's Prose Specimens 1.00 Selections illustrating description, narration, exposition, argumentation, and persuasion. Gerrish and Cunningham's Practical English...
Page 122 - We have no sense of responsibility in regard to their pleasures and continually forget that amusement is stronger than vice and that it alone can stifle the lust for it. We see all about us much vice which is merely a love for pleasure "gone wrong...
Page 18 - ... the state, but those only who shall pass a proper examination in arithmetic, spelling, English grammar, reading, writing, geography, and United States history. 3. It shall have regular and orderly courses of study, embracing all the branches prescribed by the state high school board, and requisite for admission to the collegiate department of the state university, and an optional English or business course in addition thereto or in lieu thereof. 4. It shall be subject to such rules and regulations,...
Page 208 - Same as Grade 7, except shop work for bench work. Elective: Latin 5; German 5; mech. draw. 3; bus. arith. 5; applied Eng. 5; chorus or orchestra 2; printing 5 to 25; dom. art 5 to 10; art 5 to 10; metal working 2; el. sci. 2. Grade 9. Eng. 5 ; alg. 5 ; anc.
Page 244 - Now just what part is a foreign language to play in conducting this exchange? Simply this, that he who already has and can use intelligently the foreign coin need not go to the exchanger. For him the coin will not be subject to the exchanger's usury. . . . For those who master a modern tongue there is direct and intimate contact with growing, throbbing, intellectual life. Here live the arts, the constructive abilities, the politics, the religion, and the ethics of a contemporaneous national group....
Page 18 - A high school shall be a graded school maintaining twelve grades of work with at least two teachers devoting their entire teaching time to the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades...
Page 102 - The justification of the usual single course for all children has usually rested on a profession that democracy should afford an equal opportunity to all; but inasmuch as children of this age differ so markedly in ability, interests, and ambitions, democracy is fair only if it offers to each pupil what will advance him in his peculiar development. The persistence of the traditional organization of the upper grades results in an annual loss of an impressive army of children, none of whom will contribute...
Page 117 - The appointment of a director with time for supervision. 2. A school organization which will permit of the close personal contact of each pupil with at least one teacher of the right type. 3. The exercise of an intelligent and sympathetic helpfulness on the part of the teacher. 4. A logical analysis of the personal characteristics of each pupil. 5. An understanding of the relation of the school work to the life-career motive.
Page 318 - Apperception (DeGanno) 1.00 Radestock's Habit in Education 75 Tracy's Psychology of Childhood 1.20 SCHOOL HYGIENE Burrage and Bailey's School Sanitation and Decoration 1.50 Newsholme's School Hygiene. Paper, .25. Cloth 75 See also our list of books on Education DC HEATH & CO., Boston, New York, Chicago Meiklejohn's The English Language: Its Grammar, History, and Literature $1.25 A compendious and scholarly treatise for general coursea.

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