Annual Report of the Governor of Alaska on the Alaska Game Law, Issue 88

Front Cover
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912 - Game protection

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Page 2 - COLORADO. State Game and Fish Commissioner. Office of State fish commissioner established March 10, 1877 ; jurisdiction extended to game, 1891. Present office established April 27, 1899 ;
Page 7 - Tennessee State Warden of Game, Fish, and Forestry.' Office of State Warden established April 11, 1903; Department of Game, Fish, and Forestry established April 15, 1905; term, eight years.
Page 16 - Humphrey, Guthrie. Secretary, Miss Alma Carson, Guthrie. OREGON. Organized July 1, 1902; incorporated 1909. (Formerly the John Burroughs Bird Society, organized in 1900.) President, WL Finley, 651 East Madison Street, Portland. Secretary, Dr. Emma J. Welty, 321 Montgomery Street, Portland. PENNSYLVANIA. Organized October, 1896. President, Witmer Stone, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Secretary, Miss Elizabeth Wilson Fisher, 2222 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. RHODE ISLAND. Organized October,...
Page 7 - Oregon State Board of Fish and Game Commissioners — Office of game and fish protector established in 1893; term, two years. Game and forestry warden established February 18, 1899; term, four years. Present board established May 21, 1911; term, four years.
Page 1 - The object of this directory is to present, in convenient form, the names of persons to whom application may be made for information respecting game laws. It also shows the date of establishment of each State commission or wardenship, the changes which occur in such offices, and the publications issued by game officials. As many of the present fish and game commissions originated as fish commissions, the year when each was established and that in which it assumed jurisdiction of game are given. In...
Page 3 - January, 1913). Publications — Game Laws. Indiana Commissioner of Fisheries and Game — Office of commissioner of fisheries established in 1881; jurisdiction extended to game and birds and present office established February 13, 1899; term, four years. George W. Miles, State House, Indianapolis (term expires April 4, 1915).
Page 8 - VERMONT. Fish and Game Commissioner. Fish commission established in 1867; reorganized as a fish and game commission November 22, 1892. Present office established December 7, 1904 ; term, two years. John W. Titcomb, Lyndonville (term expires November 30, 1912).
Page 12 - New Jersey Sportsmen for the Protection and Propagation of Game — Organized October 12, 1907. President, George Batten, 93 Union Street, Montclair. Secretary, Edward Winslow, 180 Walnut Street, Montclair. New York Association for the Protection of Game — Founded May 20, 1844; incorporated 1884. President, Col. Alfred Wagstaff, 29 Madison Avenue, New York. Secretary, Robert B. Lawrence, 45 Broadway, New York. New York State Fish, Game, and Forest League — Organized 1897; incorporated April 16,...
Page 13 - Building, Tacoma. Washington State Game and Fish Protective Association — Organized December 4, 1903; incorporated. President, Frank A. Pontius, Seattle. Secretary-treasurer, H. Rief, 117 First Avenue South, Seattle. West Virginia Fish and Game Protective Association — Organized November 14, 1906. President, JA Viquesney, Belington. Secretary-treasurer, HM Lockridge, Huntersville. (Wisconsin) Northwestern Game Protective Association — Organized December 5, 1904.
Page 12 - Eastern Shore Game Protective Association of Virginia — Organized 1893; incorporated March, 1894. President, Dr. JW Bowdoin, Bloxom. Secretary and treasurer, TW Blackstone, Accomac. Game Protective Association of Virginia — Organized February 15, 1905.

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