Official Proceedings, Volume 13

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Western Railway Club, 1901 - Railroads
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Page 362 - The inspector representing the purchaser, shall have all reasonable facilities afforded to him by the manufacturer to satisfy him that the finished material is furnished in accordance with these specifications.
Page 403 - The card shall be provided with a stub, which will duplicate information on the card, and stubs must be forwarded with the bill. If no bill is to be rendered, the repair card stub must be forwarded on or before the twentieth day of each month, with the words "no bill...
Page 97 - ... inches deep must be molded with green sand around the wheel. The clean tread of the wheel must form one side of this channelway, and the clean flange must form as much of the bottom as its width will cover.
Page 362 - No. 4 shall be determined by the careful observation of the drop of the beam or halt in the gauge of the testing machine.
Page 361 - One axle selected from each melt, when tested by the drop test described in paragraph No. 9, shall stand the number of blows at the height specified in the following table without rupture and without exceeding, as the result of the first blow, the deflection given. Any melt failing to meet these requirements will be rejected : "eardrop.
Page 399 - Repairs to foreign cars shall be promptly made, and the work shall conform in detail to the original construction...
Page 403 - When repairs of any kind are made to foreign cars a repair card shall be securely attached to outside face of intermediate sill between cross-tie timbers. This card shall specify fully the repairs made, and reason for same, the date and place where made, and name of road making repairs ; also show location of parts repaired or renewed. The end of car on which brake staff is located shall be known as " B " end, and the opposite end as "A
Page 404 - ... below. They should be printed in red ink on both sides, and shall be filled in on both sides with ink or black indelible pencil. The cards must plainly specify in full each item for which charges are authorized, indicating on which end of the car the defects exist. The end of the car upon which the brake staff is located shall be known as "B" end, and the opposite end shall be known as "A
Page 386 - Whenever scrap credits are allowable, the weights of scrap credited shall be equal to the weights of the new metal applied, except as otherwise provided...
Page 362 - Turnings from the tensile specimen or drillings from the bending specimen or drillings from the small test ingot, if preferred by the inspector, shall be used to determine whether or not the steel is within the limits in chemical composition specified in paragraph No.

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