The fool of the family, by John Dangerfield, Volume 1

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Page 248 - A WET sheet and a flowing sea, A wind that follows fast And fills the white and rustling sail And bends the gallant mast; And bends the gallant mast, my boys. While like the eagle free Away the good ship flies, and leaves Old England on the lee. O for a soft and gentle wind...
Page 166 - Met we on hill, in dale, forest, or mead, By paved fountain, or by rushy brook, Or on the beached margent of the sea, To dance our ringlets to the whistling wind, But with thy brawls thou hast disturb'd our sport.
Page 237 - Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, And burned the topless towers of Ilium?
Page 207 - And sage Hippotades their answer brings, That not a blast was from his dungeon strayed, The air was calm, and on the level brine Sleek Panope with all her sisters played.
Page 322 - Fag informs the audience that " Captain Absolute and Ensign Beverley are one and the same person"; without delay Lady Sneerwell unmasks the hypocrisy of Joseph Surface.
Page 67 - Do you know that he is one of the most rising young men of the day, and that they say the Whigs want to get him into the House ? " said the mother. "How mistaken we all were about him, were we not ? " " My dear," said the mother, in a tone of very rational remonstrance, " it is all very well to say 'we.
Page 27 - A gentleman had called to see him, and had left his card.

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