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Wonderful Story

User Review  - dreamchsr - Borders

This was a very enjoyable read. Each character really draws you into her own storyline. This book is a great way to explore the time period through several different perspectives. Read full review

Good Read

User Review  - LetLo - Borders

The author does an excellent job in depicting the social dilemma that plagued the South in the 60's. The reader is taken in by the characters and feels what it must have been like to be "the help" in ... Read full review

Not what you think!

User Review  - Butterfly - Borders

The title itself throws one off, however, once you begin reading the title makes absolutely good sense, the book is captivating and not an easy put down. It’s a quick and intriguing read. Enjoy Read full review

USA 60's - Black & White Relationships

User Review  - KeepOnReading - Borders

The book is surprising in its approach to the never-ending subject of blacks and whites in the USA. Ms. Stockett, the author, writes with candor and provides a new way to look at the relationships ... Read full review


User Review  - Elizabeth B. - Borders

The book was a great read, but dragged on in the the middle of the book. It made you think about the past and about the history of a generation who grew up during the Civil Right's movement. The story kept you interested until the end, which, felt unfinished. Read full review

Great Read

User Review  - MamaHen2009 - Borders

Being a young stay at home mother, I don't often have a lot of time to sit still and read but this book as definitely kept my attention. It's the first book that my new book club is reading and I'm ... Read full review


User Review  - Rambling Reader - Borders

This book was given to me by my neighbor. She told me how she was not able to put it down and found herself reading it any chance she got. I did the exact same thing! This is a "stay-up-til-early ... Read full review

Just a wonderful book!

User Review  - Jag0916 - Borders

I loved this book, from the beginning to end. I was pleasantly surprised especially since this was this authors first book. The characters were so real. I hated to see it end. Read full review

must read

User Review  - nono - Borders

I love that the maid's dialogue was written phonetically so you get the full southern effect of their thoughts and conversations. Read full review


User Review  - blahblahblah - Borders

i really don't like the way this book is written. it is not interesting and hard to follow Read full review

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