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.....The book is a excellent read, it goes through all the lies Europeans have concocted throughout the world and thoroughly proves them wrong.. Although I am not black, people have to remember that mankind not only started in Africa, but it existed there for a very long time before humans first left for other unpopulated parts of the world. Every person of color knows the most ancient were not white, and that the ancient egyptians were also black Africans; like their own writings suggest by saying that they came from deeper in Africa. 

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Google shows excerpts in other books, mainly white authors, but none in this one. Very strange.

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This book really opened up my eyes as it relates to learning about Egypt's history. I was always uncomfortable when I watched movies and documentaries with white Pharaohs as I always wondered what white men were doing in the middle of Africa where everyone else was black. Anyways, its a good read especially for students doing history, anthropology, archeology, etc. and anybody who would like to know more about black history. 

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The negro finally secures his place in history

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